Download GarageBand for Windows 7 /8/10 & Mac OS [ Review ]

Garageband 10 Review and Download for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS

Garageband, previously part of Apple’s iLife suite of softwares is an application developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS 12 years ago way back in 2004.Later they extended its working platform for iOS too. Some of its features include: Audio recording, Music lessons, MIDI editing, Guitar options and tools, availability of sample source files, virtual software instruments and many more to add to this list.

Let’s first talk about old times where one needed very professional and expensive gears to record the music and create albums but that trend had changed when the softwares like Garageband introduced to this World and we still use them as they are sufficiently elegant as per our need. It’s mainly a music creating application facilitating all novice as well as professional music creators and DJs allowing you to do anything you wish to with your music such as recording the music, cutting it, editing it, mixing it sharing it online and many more making you look like a pro during this from years even if you’ve just started doing it. The Features like live loop allows one to add and repeat some snipped set of sound known as ‘loops’. They make a song far more lively and appealing. Hundreds of Virtual instruments inbuilt in the software makes it stand out among all other music creating and editing software available in the market.

garageband for windows

Added features in Garageband 10

  • Powerful synths with shape‑shifting controls:
    Now you can play with your music easily than ever before and tweak them by using 100 EDM‑ and Hip Hop‑inspired synth sounds.
  • 10 new drummer features
  • Transform pad has been included that makes it extraordinarily

Feature that is missing will bother you if you are a podcaster as podcasting feature is dumped in new Garageband 10 and if you still want to using this feature, you can do it only if you stick to older versions


You won’t be able to find alternative for Garageband for your Mac OS simply because the software has been providing awesomeness in the field of music creation on your own from long time and the updates are regular making it one of the best apps across all formats including Windows, iOS, Mac etc. Downloading new Garageband 10 or sometimes referred to Garageband X which are the same thing is pretty much simply that can be done just with some simple steps

  1. Go to the App store on your Mac device
  2. On the search bar, type Garageband
  3. Hit download, provide your password of your apple id if prompted
  4. You’re all set to use Garageband on your Mac

How to download Garageband 10 for Windows PCs

Don’t confuse yourself as Garageband is totally developed by Apple Inc. and given its rivalries with Windows from the beginning of time, the odds for them to develop this app working on Windwos is very less or almost equivalent to zero. But if you love this software and also cant sitch your Windows PC, there’a way you can run not only this but other awesome apps that run on Mac or iOS but not on Windows make operate and run on your Windows. All you have to do is get iOS emulators for Windows PC. Some of the renowned iOS emulators for Windows include:iPadian, Air iPhone emulator, iPhone simulator, smart face and similar of these. All you have to do is download the emulator, go to iTunes store on the app, downlaod the garageband and start experiencing fun as you do on a Mac or an iOS device.





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