How to Download and Install Wechat for PC / Computer / Laptop

wechat for pc

Learn how to Download Wechat for free on PC running on Windows (May be windows 8.1,
Windows 8,windows 7 or older versions of windows operating system like windows xp).

Wechat is an application from China .Wechat team calls themselves as stiff competitor
to Whatsapp.Any way here competition is not the matter,just we are trying to give the
basic details like what is wechat,how to download wechat for computer,how to use wechat on pc etc.
Without wasting a single second i am going to dip you guys into the trick i.e, using wechat
on a computer.

Wechat is a text messaging service which is best alternative to whatsapp.Ofcourse they
are still lagging behind whatsapps in terms of popularity (still wechat has huge userbase).But
the service which Wechat is providing is not less than any other text messaging services
on the web.Wechat is not only a text service but also an online calling application.It is
available on all platforms like Android,Ios,windows etc.
Using Wechat on Mobile or Computer doesn’t cost you a single dollar.Wechat just uses
the internet connection which are using on your Device.
It is not an exaggaration that it stands in top 10 applications smartphone users are using
worldwide.Installing it on a smartphone is very easy.Just go to Google Play Store,Itunes
etc depending upon your mobile platform and install it on your Mobile.
But till many of the internet users are not using Smartphones (it may be due to number
of reasons like not interested,no finantial status to buy a smartphone).
Not using smartphones means,they are directly missing many unique features which web is
providing for free of cost.
Many services like whatsapp,wechat etc are available for smartphone users for free of cost.
These applications makes communication or interaction between friends even more easier.

Don’t worry if you are not having a smartphone,you can now install the wechat application
on your PC.Not only Wechat,every application a mobile user installs on his phone,you can
too install on a windows PC.

I am writing this article for guys by seeing queries like “can i install wechat on pc“,
Can we use wechat on a computer” in many forums.

We have already seen from our previous articles on “how to use whatsapp on PC
How to Play Candy Crush On Windows PC“.

How to Install Wechat on PC:

Installing wechat on PC is not same as installing it on your phone.In case of your smartphone
just go to the playstore and click on the install button.Now the remaining work will be
done automatically.But to download and install wechat on computer we need a medium.The medium
which we are using here is “Emulators”.With these emulator you can install any smartphone
app on your PC.One such emulator which is most trustable,reliable and most internet users
prefer is “Bluestacks emulator”.Ofcourse there are number of alternatives to bluestack errors
but still bluestack emulator stands first in the list.

You have to install Bluestack emulator in order to install wechat application on your PC.

Download Bluestack: Here is the link.
If you don’t know how to install Bluestack Emulator,then visit this link to learn step
by step procedure to install bluestack on computer.

After installing bluestack on you Windows PC,now its the turn to install Wechat using Bluestack.
A Search box will appear on Bluestack emulator (after opening it).Just type Wechat in
the search box provided and press enter.
This would give you number of results.
Choose the right one which is official version of wechat.
Now click on it and this would download the wechat app to your pc.
Now install it on you Computer by confirming the installation.

How to Use Wechat on PC:

After the successfull installation of wechat web on PC or Wechat for Laptop ,now
its time to see how to use wechat on Computer.
Double click on the wechat application to open it.
Now you have to create account or signup with wechat inorder to use the services provided by Wechat.
Click on the signup option which will be visible,as soon as you open the application.

Next step is to choose your country and give your mobile number and click on next button.
Now you will get confirmation message to your mobile.Just confirm the verification and
start using the wechat.

Connecting wechat with a computer is very easy.Installing Wechat with bluestack is the
simple way.Of course we can install wechat on PC without bluestacks.We are going to see about
this in our upcoming articles.

Hope you guys find this useful i.e “installing Wechat , a chatting app for computer” .
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