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sbi yono app download

India is moving fast on the path of digitization. Thus, in this present age of apps, it is natural that every government body would try to launch their apps. One such app that is creating waves is the SBI YONO App. Introduced by the State Bank of India and officially launched by current Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, the app stands as a shining testimony to India’s advancement. Let’s know this app better and how you can access and use it to maximum advantage.

SBI YONO App and its Features

 YONO stands for ‘You Only Need One.’ Regardless of whether you are browsing and investigating for insurance, banking, investment or even your shopping requirements, the app is the one-stop destination. Few of its leading features are:-

  • Instant opening of an account– Being an app created by a bank, it is obvious that it would also allow you an easy way to open an account with the bank if you do not have it. It takes less than five minutes for registration and a quick verification and you have a working account.
  • Simplified Banking– the app provides a very user-friendly and simple interface that facilitates intuitive navigation.
  • Usage of Platinum debit card– You can easily use your platinum debit card here. To the delight of customers, it also offers plenty of discounts from ‘Book My Show’.
  • Quick Pay– Offering you awesome services like intelligent funds transfer with UPI enabled payments, it brings great ease to any of your financial transactions. You can execute any transaction with just one click. The banking charges are also the least via the app.
  • Shopping bonanza– The app is a delight for all shopaholics. Not only it abounds in a bounty of shopping offers but it has plenty of exclusive offers and discounts across numerous e-commerce merchant sites meant just for SBI customers.
  • Loan– To help you tide over any financial crunch, the app also offers you preapproved loans within a couple of minutes. You need not supply any documents or fill any form till a loan of one Lac.
  • One view– With this app, you can link all your State bank group relationships as well as view them in a single app.
  • Instant liquidity– The app lends you liquidity on the go. All it takes is a one-click from you to avail of an overdraft against your fixed deposits.

These benefits make you realize why banking experts rave that SBI YONO app provides you with services that no other Indian bank has provided so far and thus leaves all competition miles behind.

How to Download & Install Yono App

Eager to Install the app! Well, all you need to do is go to Google Play Store, search for it there and simply install it. The great thing about installing from the location is that your app keeps receiving updates and you have the latest version. Post installation you need to sign up the app by feeding your contact number which is linked to your bank account. Complete the verification process by the OTP number sent on your added contact number. Finally, activate the app and reap its enormous benefits. In case you are not an account holder with SBI, you would need to open your account and provide your Aadhar and pan details to complete registration. You might also be required to go to your nearest KYC outlet and provide your fingerprints details. The app works on all platforms.

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