Download Whatsapp for PC Windows 8,Windows 7/xp,Mac Ios

download whatsapp for pc

Don’t know how to download whatsapp on PC? Then you are at right place.This article will help
you in downloading whatspp for pc and installing whatsapp on PC.Before going into the topic
we will see some known and unknown facts about whatsapp.

About Whatsapp:

Whatsapp is a cross platfrom messenger to send messages,audio,video etc.You may think what
makes this app as popular instant messenger on the web?
There are many things which made application  as number one messaging service.
1)You can send messages (may be audio,video,photos) for free of cost.
2)Simple User Interface which makes it reach every one.
3)No advertisement
You wont see any ads while using whatsapp.So this won’t make distract you from doing your work.

Recently Facebook has bought it for huge price i.e 19 Billion Dollars.By this you can understand
how successful is whatsapp.It is specially designed for Smartphone users around the globe.
If you are a smartphone phone user (Samsung,iphone,windows phone,Android,Blackberry) then you
need not to pay a single dime in sending messages,as whatsapp makes use of internet data
in sending messages.So you can stay in touch with your friends,colleagues and of course everyone
on the planet who uses a smartphone for free of cost.

Till now what we have discussed is only helpful for smartphone users.
If you don’t have a android mobile or iphone or windows phone then you need not to worry.

You can install whatsapp messenger on a pc.Lets see how to download whatsapp for pc and how
to download whatsapp messenger on your PC.

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How to Download and Install Whatsapp on PC,Windows PC,Mac for Free

To download whatsapp for pc,you have to make use of third party application.As whatsapp is not
officially available for Computers.First Install Bluestacks Android Emulator on Your PC.Bluestacks
is one of the best whatsapp emulator for windows,mac and ios pcs.Bluestack will serve the purpose
for you.It will take care of all the things write from downloading to installing whatsapp
messenger on your PC.

After installing Bluestack whatsapp emulator search for “whatsapp messenger in the top search
bar of bluestack application”.Click on the install button.
Bluestack automatically downloads and installs whatsapp messenger on your pc.

How to use Whatsapp installed on a Windows,MAC PC.

After successful installation of whatsapp messenger you need to configure it,in order to exchange
messages with your friends who are using whatsapp.

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Open Bluestacks application,Click on My apps option.
Here you will find whatsapp messenger,just click on it to launch it.
Now you have sign up for an account with whatsapp.Unlike traditional messaging service it s very
to create an account with whatsapp.You need not enter all the blah blah information in order
create an account.With your mobile number you can create an account with whatsapp.Just enter
your name,upload profile picture and enter your mobile number in the respective fields and
submit the information.You are more step away from using whatsapp i.e you have verify the
mobile number through sms.
Now you can enjoy chatting,messaging with your friends on the messenger.

If you are using windows 8 /XP /Vista Desktop or Laptop “download whatsapp for windows 8 /xp/Vista
is same as downloading it for other windows operating systems.

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