Easy Youtube Commands for Better Search Results

youtube commands

Youtube is the largest Video Hosting Site.Almost Every internet user knows about the fact.
If you go into the details of Youtube Statistics you will be Surprised.

a)More than One Billion Unique Visitors Visit Youtube Every Month.
b)For Every 60 Seconds 100 Hours of Videos are uploaded to youtube.
c)Over 6 Billion hours of Videos are watched every month.

Youtube is named as “Second Largest Search Engine” after Google.By this you can understand how
many videos are stored in Youtube Database.

As video up loaders are trying to rank the video on first page of Youtube for a targeted
primary keyword.Almost every Video uploaded on Youtube is done with proper Seo.
This made video searching on youtube very simple.
If you know simple Youtube Commands then searching will be even more easy.
Lets see some easy and simple youtube commands

Simple Youtube Search Commands for Better Video Searching

1)Limit Your Search based on Time of Uploading

Want to search for a video on “Barrack Obama” which was uploaded this month.
“Barrack Obama,this month”.
This query will show videos on Barrack Obama which was upload in the last 30 days.
Similarly you can use Monday,this day,this week etc as commands to search for videos on

2)Find High Quality Videos On Youtube

A simple youtube command will let you find High Quality Videos.
“Shakira video Song,hd”
Above mentioned query will help you in searching High Definition Shakira Video Songs.

3)Find 3d Videos on Youtube

“Evil Dead,3d”
Search with the above keyword to find 3d videos of Evil Dead.

4)Find Lengthy Videos On Youtube

To find long length videos on Youtube,just use “Long” as keyword after primary Search Query.

“Cricket Match,long”

5)Find Movies on Youtube
Search Query to Search for Full length Willsmith movies on Youtube.

6)Search For a Specific Channel

Search for a specific video on specific channel with this query.

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