How to Embed Facebook Posts On WordPress Blog


Guys here we came up with one more Facebook trick which is well known to most of the bloggers and Facebook addictor’s.So you may think why i have written this article ? This article is for beginners i.e newbie WordPress Bloggers and Novice Facebook users.

facebook embed post

You might have heard about Embedding youtube Video,Embedding twitter tweet and embedding instagram posts.In Similar Way Facebook has added an awesome feature to its arsenal i.e Embed Facebook Post.

Anyway without wasting a single minute,directly we are going into our topic i.e how to embed Facebook posts on a blog ?

Learn How to Embed Facebook Timeline Posts on a WordPress Blog

For Suppose you find an article interesting while going through Facebook.Now you want to add that particular post to a blog which you are running.It may be a wordpres blog or blogspot blog.You can do this particular in many ways.But the most simplest one is to embed the facebook Post and add it to your blog’s post.

Step by Step procedure to embed the facebook post and add it to your blog.

First Login to your Facebook Account.
Choose a Fb post on your timeline which you want to embed.

Click on the Down Arrow mark which you can find right top of FB Post.

If you find difficulty in it,then please look the image below.

facebook embed post

Click on the “More Options” button to get “Embed Post” Option.

Now click on “Embed Post” option to get Embed Code.

embed code

Now you have to paste this embed code into your website to make FB post live on your blog.

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