Enable or Disable Distraction Free Writing Mode in WordPress


WordPress CMS is the best in the industry with Millions of Blogs running
on it.Producing quality content requires indepth research on a topic and
then we have to present the article in our own style.

During this face i.e while writing articles we may come across many distractions.
Many things on the planet prevents us from concentrating on our work (writing),
which makes writing very hard.[Here we are not stressing or giving solutions to
your personal problems which are disturbing you]

Many newbies who are willing to create an impression in blogging,comes into
blogging without knowing how hard it is to produce content without getting

Myself for the first few months struggled a lot in concentrating on writing
articles.Many distractions and many problems are there to stop you in the midway.

To avoid distractions you have to focuss on your work and WordPress CMS
has provided “Distraction Free Writing Mode” to avoid unnecessary things from
your visibility.

It is very simple to enable “Distraction Free Writing Mode” in WordPress.
Enabling “Distraction Free Mode” would hide all the dashboard items in WordPress.

Lets see how to activate Distraction free writing Mode in WordPress

How to Enable Distraction Free Writing Mode in WordPress:

First login to your WordPress Account and go to the dash board.
Now Click on New Post option…

Click on the Distraction Free Mode Option to enable it.

Image below gives you clear picture [Symbol in Red Box]..

wp distraction

Alternatively you can use ALT+SHIFT+W Key to enter into Distraction Free Mode.

Below Image depicts how Distracting Mode looks like..

wp distraction mode

Within few seconds,you will see the option like Exit Screen,Bold,visual etc
fade away to minimize or zero the distraction.

Just move the cursor or click somewhere out of the post body to get back
the Exit Screen option.

In order to Add Categories or Tags and Publish the post you have to move to normal
writing mode.

For this you can simply use “ALT+SHIFT+W” Key or click on the exit screen option.

With one click we can Enable or Disable Distraction Free Writing Mode in WordPress“..


Hope this article on DFW Mode in WordPress helps you and gives a clear picture on
how to enable or disable it.
Many of the newbie WordPress users are not aware of Distraction Free Writing Mode
and how to enable.
So please do share this article on social sites,as it could be helpful for at least
some bloggers.

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