How to Enable Full Screen Compose Mode in Gmail

Gmail recently launched Full Screen compose mode for its users.Enabling this feature will drag the compose window to center of the Screen.To get better viewing experience  Enable Full Screen Window in Gmail.
Don’t know how to enable full screen mode in Gmail Interface.Then this article would help in Enabling Full Screen Compose in Gmail.

How to Start Full Screen Mode in Gmail while Composing a Email Message.

Log in to your gmail Account as usually and click on the compose button to type new email message.You can turn gmail compose box to full screen mode just by clicking on the expand button.
You can find expand button in compose mode,beside close button of compose mode.
You can see expand button in the image given below.

full screen mode in gmail

If you want Gmail’s compose mode as Full Screen every time you compose a message,then with single click you can made it as default.
No need change every time,by default your Gmail’s compose window would be full screen.
Let’s see how to make full screen as default.

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Click on the compose button in your gmail dashboard.A new compose popup window would open for you.In the Gmail Compose window go to Right-Bottom and click on More Options button.
See the below image to find more options button.

full screen gmail mode
Click on more options button,you will find many options.
Click on Default to Full Screen option.From now gmail’s compose window by default would open in Full Screen Mode.

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You can revert back to old compose mode (not full screen mode) just by disabling the options,which you have enabled.
a)Expand button in full screen mode,would serve as option to change the compose mode to old one i.e to exit full screen mode.
b)Click on the More options and uncheck DEFAULT TO FULL SCREEN in Compose Window.

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Hope this article helps you in “Enabling and Disabling Full Screen Mode in Gmail“.If you have any queries do let me knwo in the comment section.
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