Enable Inbuilt Password Generator in Google Chrome Browser

chrome inbuilt password generator

Google Chrome has added one more unique feature to it belt.I am not going to share the
routine and boring words on chrome history and stats as we have already seen in many of
our posts.We will directly go into the topic i.e “enable inbuilt password generation
feature in chrome browser“.

“Password” is nothing but a key to access a website or application.
Of course everyone with basic knowledge knows this terminology.
But how many of them are making their password stronger ?To be frank most of the people
till date are using their mobile number,birthday date,fathers name,mothers name etc
as their passwords for many sites.
One more thing is “for every website ,they are using the same password “.
Now you got the point why i have stated routine statement on Password in
this article.

Every account we create on web world is associate with a password.If that password goes
into wrong hands ,he /she can easily get sensitive data related to your account.
So it is our responsible to make password strong with combination of upper and lower case letters,

numerical’s,special characters.But how many people on internet are making their password
hack proof ?
One more shocking truth is “even for sensitive accounts like bank,people are using
routine passwords which are easy to guess by seeing the persons profile.
Anyway we will get on to the track to see the “inbuilt password generator in chrome”.

There are many online appliations and offline applications which are solely designed to
“generate strong passwords” for your accounts.One such password generator which you can
trust is “Norton safe pasword generator”.In this article we are not going to use online
application or install offline application to generate strong passwords or get ideas on
strong passwords for our accounts.

With Google chrome browser you can easily generate a strong password.
This password generator is an inbuilt feature in chrome browser.Lets see the
step by step guide on how to enable this feature and use it on chrome.

[button type=”big”] Activate inbuilt Password Generation feature in chrome browser.[/button]

Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press enter.

Now search for Enable Password generation option.
(If you find difficulty in finding it,then press CTRL+F and search for it).

Click on the drop down menu below it.This would open three options
a)Default b)Enable c)Disable

enable inbuilt password generator

By default “default” option is enabled.

Now choose the “Enable” option.This would prompt you to save the changes.
Click on the “relaunch now” option to save the settings.

Now your chrome browser will automatically restarts to set back the settings.

enable inbuilt password generator

Now open any website or application for creating account or login to an account.

Double click on the password box,chrome will automatically suggests you the
strong password for your account.

If you don’t like the password generated by Chrome then click on any where on the browser.
This would close the password generator field.Now you can choose the password manually or
again double click in the password box to generate another strong password.


Unlike other third party password generators,you can trust Chrome password generator.No need to
worry on saving or remembering the passwords.If you find this article useful please do
share it with your friends.If you know any other better online password generators
please do let me know in the comments section.







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