How to Enable Merge Folder Option in Windows 8

One more cool trick related to Windows 8 “Enable Merge Folder”.

In previous versions of Windows (XP/7),when you copy a folder to a destination where the folder
name already exists ,windows would display a alert message.This message would warn you that a
folder already exists with the same name.Do you want to replace it ?

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But in Windows 8 ,Microsoft disabled this feature.Windows won’t display any warning window or message.
It directly merges the content of both the folders with out even giving you a warning.This feature is
good in some cases but not in all cases.With simple tweak you can make Windows 8 to give you alert
message when copying the folder with same name as of destination folder.It is very easy to enable
this feature to get rid of unnecessary data conflicts.Lets see how to enable merge folder conflicts
in Windows 8.

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How to Fix Merge Folder Conflicts in Windows 8

1.Open Windows Explorer and click on View Tab.

windows file explorer on Folder Options icon and go to View Tab.

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3.Here you will see “Hide Folder Merge Conflicts” Option.By default this option is enabled.

merge folder conflicts
4)Just uncheck the option to enable Merge Folder Option.

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Now whenever the destination folder contains a folder with the same name which you are trying to
copy, you’ll be asked for folder replacement confirmation.

 merge folder conflicts

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To be frank this updated feature from in Windows 8 is useless.Don’t know why Microsoft people has
enabled this features in Windows 8.But for sure there will be some intention behind this merge folder
conflicts update in windows 8.

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