How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 8

Want to allow someone to share your computer or you want to access your desktop remotely? This is where remote desktop comes in handy. Remote desktop remained as one of the iconic features since from the time of its release. Recently Microsoft dynamically improved features of remote desktop in windows 8 and extended the functionality to other platforms like OS X, iOS and android.

Learn How to Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 8 Running PC

Enabling remote desktop feature is very basic and can be enabled in less than 3 steps.

1)Launching the application: Launch windows 8 control panel by pointing the mouse to tog right corner or by simply typing, “control panel” in run command. Usually one can find “run” in start menu or you can simply launch “run” by pressing (Windows+R).

remote desktop windows 8

If your computer control panel is categorized into “category” view, it should appear the same as the above picture. Enter “system and security” and enable “Allow remote access”. On clicking “Allow remote access” will further redirect you to “System remote settings”.

enable remote desktop

Step 2:Following any of the listed above options will enable remote desktop feature for your computer. To activate remote desktop feature on your PC, select the option “Allow remote connections to this computer”. Upon enabling this feature successfully, you’ll be able to access your computer from any location.

allow remote connections

You can also limit the extent to which you can expose your computer to other users by checking appropriate options after enabling this feature. System administrators will be given full access and you can manually grant access to other users with standard accounts.

Step 3: Once you successfully completed the steps 1 & 2, you can use any of the Remote Desktop client applications to remotely log-in anywhere in the world (provided, your computer must be connected to internet).

remote dektop power options

For users, who plan to frequently use remote desktop feature it is highly recommended to change power settings to meet their requirements. In case an attempt to login into a computer, which is in log-off state, may expect undesired results.

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