How to Enable Run Command in Windows 7,Windows 8 and Vista


Are you using Windows 7 or higher versions of Windows Operating System?
One drawback is you can’t see Run Dialog box by default at windows start Menu Screen.Of Course,it is not a drawback as you use run command by simply using Win+R key.
One of my friend asked me on how to enable Run Dialog box on his PC running on Windows 7.
To be frank i don’t know how to enable run command box in windows 7 start Screen.I simply use
Win+R button to open run command box.Later i searched on Google to find the solution.
This article is for those who want to pin Run Dialog Box to windows Start Menu.
Lets see how to make run box visible on Windows start Menu Screen.

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Trick to Enable Run Command in Higher Versions of Windows

In older version windows i.e before Windows Vista,run command box can be seen in windows start
Menu Screen.For higher versions of Windows,Microsoft has disabled Run box to appear at start
Menu Screen.It is very simple to enable windows run command on start menu.Even a computer geek
with zero knowledge can do enable run command.

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Step by Step procedure to enable Run Command Visibility on higher Versions of Windows Operating
1)Right click on the start button and click on the properties option.

start button properties
2)This would open properties window.

start button properties window
3)Click on the customize option in properties window.
4)A new window “Customize Start Menu” will open.

customize properies window start menu
customize properies window start menu

5)Scroll down the window to find Run Command Option.
6)Check the Run Box.

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This would enable run box to visible on Windows Start Menu.

Hope this article helped you.Of course this may be basic guide for many windows users,but still
some of the newbies are not aware of this windows feature.This guide is solely for windows
users with no to little knowledge.
If you find this article useful,please do share it with your friends.