What is Wifi Calling ? How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on any Android Device

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling permits your smartphone to place and receive phone calls, and you will be able to send and receive the SMS messages over the Wi-Fi rather than the cellular network. Your phone can seamlessly handoff to the cellular network once you move out of the Wi-FI range.

Android phones have supported this for extended than the iPhone has, however often simply with customized Android devices purchased from the cellular carrier itself. There is also alternative Wi-Fi calling solutions you will be able to use, including Google Hangouts,  Skype, and Google Voice.

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What are the Benefits of WiFi Calling?

Have you ever been somewhere with very little to no cellular coverage, however, noticed there was Wi-Fi access? Wi-Fi Calling could be a tool that helps you to solve the coverage issues. Certainly there are many of places with nice cellular coverage, however, we all have that one corner of the building, or room in our house, that where the coverage is spotty. With Wi-Fi Calling, you will get your voice, messaging and other mobile services over the Wi-Fi in locations where you do not have the coverage.

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How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android Device?

This feature is currently integrated into the latest versions of Android during a lot of standard ways. One day, you will hopefully be ready to get any Android phone and enable the Wi-Fi calling on any cellular carrier’s network if that carrier supports it, even as you will with iPhones.

If Wi-Fi calling is an option, you should have to find it in a standard place. Now open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on the “More” or on the “More Settings” button under the Wireless & network.

Wi- Fi

You will be able to see the “Wi-Fi Calling” option there — activate it to enable the feature. If you do not like to use the Wi-FI calling, you can also be able to disable it from there, too.

This option won’t appear unless you are using a phone with Wi-Fi calling support and you are connected to a cellular network that works with it. However, this is a faster way to check if you will be currently using the Wi-Fi calling. This option should hopefully become a lot of standardized and wide on the market in the future.

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As this is Android phone, it is potential that your cellular carrier’s customizations or the manufacturer’s customizations have placed a “Wi-Fi calling” option in a different place within the interface. You might need to search for the name of your smartphone,  the “Wi-FI calling”, and also the possibly the name of your cellular carrier.

Turn On wifi calling

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