“Err Connection Reset” Chrome | How to Fix Chrome Error In Windows


Undoubtedly Google chrome is most flexible, convenient and atop the most secure browser. With increase in the number of users that make use of chrome services, Google sometimes might encounter connection issues. The “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” is what most number of chrome users have dealt with in the recent times.

err connection chrome
So, what’s this error 101? This article sheds light on culprits that cause this issue and possibly provides feasible solutions to best avoid this technical error. Some specific reasons are:

• Inactive proxy server that provides Internet (or) unstable Internet connection.
• Internet IP address may be blocked.
• Misinterpretation of firewall
• Old registry entries

These settings may look geeky. But this gets real as we tune our computer to get rid of this of so-called error 101 or ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

Check proxy settings

Google chrome uses your local area network (LAN) settings by default unlike Firefox that has its custom proxy settings. In case if you had used proxies earlier and forgot to uncheck them, it might be a possible reason that causes this error.

To uncheck these settings in windows versions, go to Control panel and look for Internet options.

chrome internet options
Internet options tab will popup and shows you a bunch of connectivity options. Search and select for Connections option while ignoring the rest. Since this error is related to networking, head to LAN settings.

chrome lan settings

As said earlier, proxies primarily take the responsibility to cause this error; it’s wise to deselect all the options without having any second thought on your mind.

chrome lan automatic settings

Resetting IP address: The only way of establishing communication to outside world is through Internet. Like fingerprints for humans, IP addresses for computers are unique. Resetting IP address is simple and reliable solution to deal with error 101.

Open command prompt as an administrator mode. The advantage in doing so is that windows will allow the user to explore tons of options.

chrome admin comman prompt

In command prompt type this command-“netshwinsock reset catalog” and hit enter. Restart your computer rather that browser.

Disabling firewall or antivirus software: Well, uninstalling your antivirus or disabling firewall is not a good idea as your computer

might be vulnerable to malware attacks. This is a brute force method and not a perfect solution. Temporarily disable firewall and check if it’s the cause. If you still encounter this error, uninstall that antivirus and try reinstalling it later.

Clean windows error registries: Windows stores some part of information in registries to gain faster access. Cleaning registries that store connection information is the only feasible solution. Though you cant directly clean registries, third-party register tuners like C Cleaner and Tune up utilities are designed with intention to clean registries.

In case if all the above-mentioned solutions might not favor you in time, update Google Chrometo latest version.


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