Do you Know that Every Facebook Account has Three Passwords ?

facebook account has three passwords

Facebook is the largest Social Networking Site with huge database and many features.Today i am going to reveal a Facebook trick which most of us don’t know.Every Facebook account has Three Passwords.Even your Facebook account has 3 passwords.You can access your Facebook Accounts with three passwords.I have tested this feature to check whether it is still working or not.To my surprise i could access my Facebook account with three passwords.Let’s see what are three passwords of a Facebook Account.

Three different passwords to login to your Facebook account.

1)Your Original Facebook password.

Every Facebook account has a password.This is first password through which you can login.

2)Original Facebook password with case reversed.

Second password through which you can access the Facebook is just by toggling the letters. (reversing the case of the letters)

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3)First Letter of your password as Capital

Just make the first letter of the password capital this would serve as third password for your Facebook Account.

Lets see it with an example:3 Different Passwords of Facebook Account

For Suppose let the password of my Facebook Account is techgIDE123

Three ways I can login to my Facebook Account.

  • techgIDE123
  • TECHGide123

(Change capital letter to small and small letters to capital) Note:No need to change special characters and Numbers

  • TechgIDE123   [ Make first letter of your original password capital Letter].

Don’t think that it is a security loop hole.Facebook intentionally has designed this feature for its user.Through this feature Facebook user can log in easily as it is user friendly.Let’s get into the details why Facebook has set Three Passwords for single Facebook Account.

  • Enabling CAPS Lock on a keyboard is one of the main reason a user couldn’t access his account.
    To eliminate this drawback Facebook has intentionally planned another Password for same
    account.If the CAPS lock is on,then all the small letters would be Capitals.So Facebook has made both these passwords the same.
  • In mobile phones (may be smart phones or normal) while typing, first letter by default would
    be a Capital Letter.For its mobile users Facebook has designed another password to access their

Note:Trick works only with Alphabetical Letters (not with numerical letters).

Hope this article helps you getting some basic knowledge of Facebook.If you find any queries do let me know.Thank you for visiting