Facebook Messenger App tests Data Saver Option to save mobile data for Android Users

Facebook is one of the biggest name according to the world of technology and communication. The Facebook has been also introduced a number of their own apps over the years, and perhaps the most famous Facebook app other than that the main app, i..e the Facebook Messenger.  Facebook has updated its Messenger App on Android devices. The updated app will come with the data saver option. Data Saver option has been there in a lot of web browsers and even in Facebook’s Primary app has had it for quite some time now.

As of now, the data saver option seems to have been simple added to the Android version of the Facebook Messenger. But, the feature is in a testing phase, we will have to wait and see if it eventually makes way to the iOS or not.

The company had recently released a Facebook Messenger Lite app for the users of the countries where data connectivity is slow or problematic. In addition to that, the Facebook Messenger  has also been updated and a data saver feature has been added to the same. The company is working on providing the best possible experience to all the users. Data is a very tricky issue to tackle as not every user is going to using the app on a same-speed connection.

There are some users who use the app on a slower, 2G connection. There are also few users who use it on faster connections. But, every user will have their own unique data consumption requirements, and Facebook Messenger has now been updated in such a manner that which it can be tweaked as per the needs of the users.

Messenger Data Saver mode

This data saver option will enable to download the images and videos that are sent to the users instead of the app downloading them automatically. In order to enable the option, you are required to go to the account settings menu of the Messenger app and tap on Data Saver. Then you are required to toggle-on the option with the same name. The app also updates you about the estimated mobile and data saved from the feature. When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, the app will automatically download the videos and images. The data saver option will help the users to use their cellular data more effectively and will likely prove to be cost-efficient.

Earlier this month, Facebook has been rolled out the option to enable end-to-end encryption on Messenger conversations. This update provides similar user privacy as available on company’s WhatsApp messaging service and was introduced to provide the additional privacy to Messenger users also. But, unlike WhatsApp, the Messenger users are required to manually choose the end-to-end encryption for every new conversation.

Conclusion :

This app is designed for the markets where network connection is slower and it provides the tools for the users to have a seamless experience with Messenger app, even if they are using the older devices.




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