“I am Feeling Lucky” Google Features [ Important Facts ]

i am feeling lucky

There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t use the Google for searches. Google is so popular that many use the word Google when they want to speak something about the search. i.e. they will say Google the following, instead of saying search the following.

What happens is whenever we type something in the search box at Google search page, it automatically shows many search results, it doesn’t wait for the user to click on Google search just displays some options and user may click on any.

Few people know that there is one more button that is situated just on the right side of ” google search” button. What this button does is take a user to the page that has the highest ranking. In other words, you will be able to do the search with one less click.

Difference Between “Instant Search” and “I am feeling Lucky” Google

You may have an obvious question that what is the difference to the user or Google. Yes, the user may save some time by using ” I am feeling lucky” button. But, you know Google lose much on revenue due to this. In 2007, according to some analysts, it cost around $110 million dollars per year to the Google because some of the users were regularly using this button. Why? Because of the obvious reason that if the search is perfect, the user will be directed to his required page bypassing the other search pages that are often presented by using google instant search. I a feeling lucky is useful to you only if you know how to search properly. If you need to look at a lot of sites to do the search, it is advisable to use the instant search.

Nowadays people seldom use or talk about this button if you click the button, you will be redirected to the Google Doodles page! As soon as you type something in the search box, the “I am feeling lucky” button get disappeared. Don’t worry, this is still as easy to use as was way back in 2007. If you are not able to use this page, just go to the Google page see the “search setting” button located at the bottom right of the page. There you may select the setting “Never show instant search”. After this, while doing the search, every time you will be able to see “I am feeling lucky” button.

Unless you are expert in doing the search or know what particular thing you are searching, it is advisable to use the regular instant search.


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