How to Find if Email Provider Leaks Your IP Address with Email Message

If you think sending emails to other is secure and safe,then you are wrong?

Most of internet users don’t know that while sending email messages to others,other than email
message you are also sending your ip address to them.With this ip address they can track your geographic location and can find your personal details very easily.

Outgoing email will send sensitive information i.e Ip address using Header information.Header
information consists your PC’s IP address in it.While sending email,along with email header
information is also sent to the recipient.

Of course not all the email clients sends header information to recipients.
For example Gmail and Outlook already resolved this problem.They wont send any header
information.But Yahoo mail is still sending header information which includes Ip address.

Not only yahoo,there are many third party email clients which sends Ip Address in Header

If you don’t want others to know about your ip address then the only option is to choose a email client which provides extra layer of security by hiding your email address.

Want know whether email sent by you includes Ip address in Header Information or not?

You can do this in two ways..
1)Send the email to yourself and see for the header information.This process is little bit
lengthy and also needs some technical brilliance.
2)Make use of free online Service

Emailipleak is a online service which will help you in finding the ip leakage by your email
provider.Lets see how to find ip leak through email
1)Go to
It detects your ip address automatically once you open their website.

email ip leakage checker online
2)click on the start button on the home page to start the process
3)Emailipleak will generate an unique email address based on the Ip address.

email ip leakage checker online
4)You have to send an email to the email address created by Emailipleak from your email provider
(may be yahoo,Google etc).
5)After successful delivery of the message,emailipleak service will look in header information
for the ip address.If the ip address matches with the previously detected ip,it will alert you.
6)Don’t close the Browser tab in which you have opened
7)Result will automatically get updated as soon as you email is sent.(like this)

email ip leakage checker online

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