Secret to find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords with Google Adwords

If your blog is new then it is impossible to get rank for “one word keyword” or “high competitive keyword”.
For example:You want to get on first page of Google for Keyword “Earn Money Online”.(of course it is not one word keyword).
With a new blog can beat your competitors with keyword “Earn Money Online” ?.It is not possible to outrank your competitors.
So you should target Long tail keywords to get initial search engine boost.After one or two years you blog will automatically rank well for “short keywords” or “high competitive keywords”.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are low competitive keywords.With these keywords you can easily get search engine rankings.As the competition is low for these keywords every blogger tries to use Long length keywords.Due to this Long tail keywords length increased.So now your aim is target long tail keywords with very less competition.
Example : “Earn Money Online as full time blogger with your blog”.Use this long length keyword and write your blog post.You can easily rank for this keyword.
My advice for new bloggers is “write a blog post with very low competitive long tail keyword“.As you can get search traffic for this keyword for sure.
For example the above mentioned long tail keyword Average Monthly searches is 100.
If you write 100 blog posts using such long tail keywords then you will get 100X100 (approximately)visitors for one month.
In this way you have to increase your blog traffic and its presence on web.

Tools to Search for Long Tail Keywords

Many Long tail keyword Tools are there for you.But most of them are paid services.As a new blogger you can afford for those services.
Here is solution new bloggers who want to search Long Tail Keywords..
GOOGLE ADWORDS. With Google Adwords you can find the long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Research with Google Adwords.

Log in to Google Adwords tool.Go to Tools and Analysis and click on keyword planner.
Now click on search for Keyword Ideas.Type the keyword and get the details.
Let me explain how to use Keyword planner in Google Adwords.
Type “Earn Money Online” in Keyword planner and click on Get Ideas.

Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

You will get list of ideas.Now click on the keyword listed below.
You will get following details of particular keyword..
1)Average Monthly Searches  2)Competition 3)CPC.
Concentrate on Average monthly searches and competion.
Choose a keyword with Average Monthly searches not more than 2000 and low competition.
For such keywords you can out rank your competitors blog easily.

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