How to Find Wireless Network Password Which you Forgot in Windows 7


It is quite common for many of us to forget Wireless Network Password in Windows.
If I was the person who configured the wireless router,then i will choose a password which is very easy for me to remember.
What if the router is configured by network admin or other person?
He will choose the password which may be difficult for you to remember.Of course he won’t do that willingly.
For example:
He has chosen the password as “techgide123”.Of course it is easy to remember such passwords.
For suppose you are on a vacation for 10 days.After 10 days you are back and trying to access the wireless network with another PC running on Windows.But unfortunately you have forgot the wireless network password.
The Person who configured the wifi network is not available for you at present.

Now what will you do?
How you can get access to wireless network?

In this article you can find the solution to view wireless network password which you have forgotten on Windows running PC.

How to See Wireless Network Password in Windows PC

To see the wireless network password you have to change the Network Adapter Settings.
Press Windows+R and to open run dialog box.

windows run box
Type ncpa.cpl in Run box and press enter.
Now a popup window would open (Network connections window).

If you are not familiar in using ncpa.cpl command in Run Box,here is another way to open Network connections window.

Go to Notification Area in Windows Desktop.

notification area Windows
Right click on the Internet Connection Symbol which you can find in Notification area.
Go to “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

notification area right click on internet connection
Click on “Change Adapter Settings” Option in the window.

Right Click on the Wireless Network Connection and Click on the Status Option.

wireless connection status
This would open “Wireless Connection Status Window”.

wireless connection status window

Click on the Wireless Properties Tab in the Window.

Click on the Security Tab in Wireless Properties Window.

wireless properties security

Now check the box “Show Characters” below the Network Security Key.

Now you can view the wireless network password which you have forgotten on Windows PC.

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