How to Fix Error 651 in Windows 7,Windows 8

error 651

Error 651 is an error which is mainly caused due to Internet Modem connected
using Windows PC/Laptop“.

Microsoft has recently launched Windows 8 (8.1) Operating System which has many advanced
features when compared to that of its previous operating systems like windows 7,windows
xp etc.With Every version going live,they are striving hard to remove the windows errors
which are creating problems or interrupting services.One such windows error which has been
there since Windows 7 and still couldn’t get proper solution for it is error 651 in windows.
Of course Error 651 is not because of the windows operating system,it is because of the
settings of the external devices which you are using with Windows 8 / 7.
Lets see what are the causes for error 651 windows and how to fix it.

Main reason for the occurrence of Error 651:
Accessing Internet from Windows PC or Laptop (may be windows 7 / 8)
I.e you have connected internet to windows PC using a modem.Now while accessing internet
from that particular window you are going to encounter 651 error.
(Connection Failed with error 651).

Lets see the ways which could help you in fixing error 651

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a)Re install the Internet Modem to fix error 651
As i have already stated the main reason for this error is improper configuration of modem.
So it is better to uninstall and reinstall the Modem to get rid off the problem.
Mostly this would solve any error associated with modem.If not go for the other options which
are meant to fix error 651.It may be Bsnl broadband modem or other one,this options can surely
help you in fixing error 651 i.e, error 651 windows 7 /8 bsnl broadband

Download new and updated raspppoe.sys and replace it with old one.With this patch error
651 in windows 7 can be easily fixed.(raspppoe.sys file will be in windows 32 folder)

b)Reinstall the Lan Drivers of you System.
In solving the above error we should not leave a small chance to fix it.Error 651 prevents
a device from connecting to windows via wifi. So re install Lan drivers and Wifi Drivers in
order to fix this problem.

c)Check the Compatibility of Modem with IPV6
Some of the modems are not compatible with ipv6 version.This may be the reason for
encountering windows error 651.So the best option is to turnoff ipv6 and restart both the
PC and Modem.This may restore the settings in both the devices to get normal.

d)Turn off Auto Tuning Feature in Windows
I have searched on many forums regarding error 651 ,to find the ways to fix that particular
error.In that process i found one simple trick may help in solving error 651 i.e, disable
auto tuning feature in windows.Don’t know about auto tuning and how to disable it? We will
get into this topic in our upcoming articles.

e)Remove Temporary Internet Files.
This may or many not fix the error but there is nothing wrong in trying in every thing which
come to our mind.As error 651 is related to internet connection we can expect this option to
fix the error.

f)Repairing Registry
Major errors in windows are only due to corruption of Registry Files.This may occur due to
improper editing of registry file or may be virus effect.Use the best Registry Cleaner
(Regclean PRO) to clean the issues related to Registry.

g)Antivirus Blocking the Connection
Check whether the antivirus is interrupting the connection.Give permissions for that
particular application in order to access the internet connection.

h)Spyware or Malware
Spyware or Malware which was installed on your PC with your knowledge,may be the cause of
this error.So run a good malware or spyware cleaner in order to remove virus.

g)Update ISDN Device Driver.
Updating the ISDN device driver can be another choice to fix windows 8 651 errors.

i)Set Up new PPPoE Connection Windows
Create new PPPoE Connection in windows and remove the old one in order to fix error 651 i.e,
Connecting through wan miniport pppoe error 651

Try the above mentioned options to fix error 651 in windows 7 / 8 .

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  1. Reinstall Network Adapter (this works for me)
    Reinstalling network adapter is one of the most recommendable solutions to your problem “Connection failed with error 651”.Uninstall and reinstall the network adapter. It will do the magic. You can do this using the instructions below.

    Type devmgmt.msc in Run and hit enter.
    You can even type devmgmt.msc directly in search.
    Now click on Network Adapters and then proceed with the + sign.
    Find the adapter that connect your system with internet.Right the adapter and choose uninstall.
    Now restart your computer. When the system restarts it will restore the adapter automatically.
    connection failed with error 651

    Hope now the issue “connection error 651” is resolved.
    Try to connect with the internet to check whether this solution has worked for you or not.
    still getting error check this website for other solutions

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