Fix EULA Opens Every Time in MS Office Products

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When you install a software on your PC for the first time,it prompts you to accept
the license agreement.agreement. Same thing happens with Microsoft product.While installing
MS Office products on your windows computer/laptop you must accept End User License
Agreement EULA.Without accepting the EULA you cannot get access to the software.

Getting a pop up window to accept the EULA while installing the software is common.
What if you are prompted to accept license agreement every time you open the MS office
product?really frustrating right..

Here is the simple solution to skip EULA acceptance every time you opens a Office product.

How to Fix EULA Opens every time in MS Office 2013/10

Main cause for this EULA problem is User account which your are using doesn’t have
required permissions to edit Microsoft Windows registry.Hope now you got clear idea
on “what is the main reason behind this complication”.
Just log in to windows as administrator or
Open the respective product (may be outlook,word) with administrative credentials.
Now accept the EULA agreement which you can see while opening the product.
Repeat the same procedure for every microsoft product which makes you irritate
with EULA problem.

If the problem still exists,now you have to some advanced work i.r editing the
registry values.You must be very much careful in editing the registry
values,as minor mistake in editing registry can lead to major system problem.

Lets see step by step procedure on how to access and edit the registry value.

Press Windows + R to open the Run Dialog Box.
Type Regedit in the dialog box and press enter.

ms office regedit
Now move on to
(You can find this in 32 bit Operating system)
In case of 64 bit windows operating System,you will see something like this

In the above specified path “15.0” is for MS office 2013 products.
In case of 2010 you will see “14.0”.
For more details visit the microsofts official support Center.

After navigating to the specific path mentioned above,right click on it.

ms office regedit
Right click on the key will result in drop down menu.
Click on the permissions option in the drop down menu.

This would result in permissions pop Up Window.

ms office permissions

Click on the User name to highlight it.Now check Allow Full Control in Permissions windows.
Click Ok and close the popup window and Registry Editor.
Restart Your PC.Now you have successfully resolved the issue “ms office eula keeps popping up“.

Hope this article helps you.If you find this article interesting do share it with your friends.


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