How to Fix or Solve Error 707 Gmail

Some of the Gmail users have reported an error when trying to send email.The Gmail error is “server error occurred and your email was not sent (error 707)”.
Main Reason for Gmail Error 707 is “Enabling a Lab named Background Send in Gmail”.
Want to Fix Gmail 707 error ?Then you are at right place.Lets see how to solve 707 error Gmail.
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Disable Background Send Lab in Gmail to Fix Error Gmail 707

First log in to your Gmail account and click on the gear box on the right top.

 Solve Error 707 Gmail

Click on the Settings and go to “Lab” tab under Settings.

 Solve Error 707 Gmail

Now Scroll down and Find “Background Send” Lab.
Just Disable “Background Send” lab.

 Solve Error 707 Gmail

Disabling Background Send Lab may or may not solve the error 707 as indicated by Google on the Labs page.Google has been working on Background send lab to increase Gmail speed.
Why Gmail Users Enable “Background Send” Lab
Enabling Background Send in gmail will increase User experience and of course speed.
Let me explain:Whenever you are sending a email you have to wait until the email is sent.With Background Send “You need not to wait until the email is delivered”.Sending of the email would be done in background.So a gmail User can do other works (go to inbox,read messages) with out wasting the time.This is the main use of “Background Send” Lab in Gmail.