How to fix itunes error 9006 while upgrading iPhone / iPad

error 9006 in itunes

Earlier iTunes was used only for the music management but nowadays, iTunes is used as a gateway to iPad and iPhone.Business people now use it actively to exchange audio recordings. There are many third party programs that you may use to upload the audio recordings to iPad and iPhones but iTunes is often preferred as most of it can be enjoyed without incurring any expense.

Users of iPhone and iPad are facing iTunes 9006 error while updating. Apple is much concerned with this error and helping the users by some easy to use methods.

a)It is advisable to first check your internet connection because if the slow internet connection is the reason behind this error, you will waste time in doing the unnecessary things in fixing this.

b)The error may also occur if internet connection is lost while updating. Sometimes, to get it done fast, it is better to use wifi while updating.

c)Also make sure that your iPhone or iPad has adequate storage space otherwise that may be also be the reason for this error.

If still you are not able to fix the error,please try the following. I am sure one will work for you

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3 Ways to Solve Error 9006 in Itunes while Downloading IOS

1)Security certificate
Sometimes the problem may be because of your security certificate. Some of the security certificates do not allow you to connect to products designed by a particular company. It is advisable to make sure that your security certificate allow your to connect to Apple products.

2)Restart the process
One of the easiest things that you may try when you get this error is, just restart the update process. To restart the process, delete the partial iTunes that was downloaded. This will make iTunes start the process again.

3)Antivirus software
If you have third-party antivirus software running, please turn them off. If it could not solve the issue, just uninstall it. Sometimes you may not be able to remove the third party security software manually. In that circumstances, it is advisable to run a cleanup software to remove the security software.Also, while updating, as far as possible don’t surf the net. It will enable the fast download and also protect from the risk as the antivirus is turned off. After updating doesn’t forget to turn on or reinstall your antivirus. Most of the time the issue is solved by this method.

Sometimes it may happen that or are blocked. Please check that.

It may be possible that the above ways don’t work. There are so many users doing the upgrade at a time and due to that, the servers are overloaded. It is better to wait for a day and try again.

Hope this article i.e fixing “Error 9006 while error 9006 while restoring the iPhone” will be helpful to you guys..

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