How to Fix ntoskrnl.exe High CPU Usage Error in Windows ?

Many Windows 10 users have been complaining for a while about the unexpected errors due to increase in amount of RAM and CPU usage due to some processes (ntoskrnl.exe).

Soon after Microsoft released its long awaited and revolutionary operating system, people have been upgrading their old operating systems like windows 7 and 8.1 for free as the company provided free one year usage for the old users of their OS. Soon after Microsoft made its users to compulsory to upgrade to windows 10 in next 12  months because security is a real concern said by a Microsoft official when asked about the force update.

In the beginning it remains calm but soon after it starts eating RAM and huge portion of CPU

Now I will show you how to fix memory leak in windows 10 due to high RAM and CPU usage:

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How to Fix High RAM and CPU Usage of System Process ntoskrnl.exe

First clean the system or PC with any trusted antivirus software.

Cleaning the PC , tat is removing unwanted apps and getting rid of malwares etc.

Updating the outdated drivers in the PC.

Several users have claimed that the main reasons for the memory leak issue in windows 10 is due to faulty and outdated drivers.

Disable the Runtime Broker to fix high CPU and RAM usage.

Discussions in forums like Reddit  have suggested that runtime broker is one of the process which is taking huge part of CPU memory.

Use the following steps to disable runtime broker.

Disable Runtime Broker

Go to Start menu>>settings>>system>>Notifications & actions.

Now Deselect the “Show me the tips about Windows” option.

After the process is done now restart the computer to bring it back to normal form and fix the high CPU usage and CPU usage

Lots of windows 10 users are complaining are complaining in Microsoft forums and on Reddit. In this ways you can solve the system process error or ntoskrnl.exe error.



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