How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error in Windows PC

Have you ever seen the Windows Message “USB Device not Recognized“?
Almost every PC running on Windows would face “USB Device not Recognized” error once in a
while.It is normal error and it can be solved with simple steps.Lets get into more details
about USB Device and how to settle Usb not recognized error.
Invention of USB has made flexible to connect external devices to a PC. Every PC user uses USB
port for one or other purpose like to connect mouse to computer,to connect keyboard,to connect
data transfer device like Pen drives etc.If a PC finds difficulty in identifying external device connected with USB,then follow below mentioned steps to repair the malfunctioning of USB port.

usb device not recognized

Step by Step guide to Fix Usb Device not Recognized Malfunctioned error

1)Unplug the Device and Re plug it.

If you find the above mentioned windows error then first step you should do is “unplug the Usb
Device”.Unplugging the device is nothing you are making the device shutdown for a while.Now
replug it in USB port (restart the USB device).Mostly this step would solve windows error.
If the problem still persists then move on to the second step.

2)Shutdown or Unplug Power Supply to PC.

In the above step you have unplugged the USB device.In this step you have to unplug power
supply or shutdown the Computer for few minutes.Now start your PC and wait for few seconds
until windows loads completely.Insert Usb Device in Usb port and see whether the problem is
solved or not.If the problem still exists go to next step.

3)Uninstall the USB Driver then Re install it.

If the above two steps didn’t fix the error,then best alternative is to uninstall the Usb
driver.Lets see how to uninstall the USB Device Drivers
Go to Run (for windows 7/8,press Ctrl+R).
Type devmgmt.msc in the run box and press enter.A popup window named “Device Manager” would
Find Universal Serial Bus Controllers tab in Device Manager Tab.Double click on it and see for
yellow mark/symbol behind any usb device.
If you see any Usb device with yellow Symbol,right click on the particular device and uninstall
the Usb driver.Restart your PC and insert Usb device.This step will solve the problem for
sure.If the problem still exists move to last step.

4)Restore your windows to Previous Point.

System restore is nothing but restoring PC to a nearest point where it worked well in the past.
Restoring windows based computer would solve all the major problems.

Hope this article helps you in fixing “Usb device not recognized error in windows“.If you have
any queries do let me know.Thanks for visiting