How to Get 100 Unique Visitors per day to new Blog

Simple Guide to get 100 Unique Visitors per day to your Blog

You can get 100 unique visitors to your blog very easily.May be your blog is new one but it is very much possible.As your blog is new you cannot expect to get organic traffic to your blog (Search engine traffic).But with referral traffic you can get more than 100 unique visitors per day with ease.To get good referral traffic you  must increase your Social Media presence.Create profiles on all Social networking Sites,Social bookmarking sites and Seo Forums to drive traffic to your blog.Just increase followers and friends in your profile.This procedure may take some days to become fruitful.After this just share the links from your blog (Never try to publish a post from single website) and other blogs.

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Submitting sites to social networking sites can increase your blog’s authority and it is one of the key signal in Search Engine Rankings.

Note:Choose 5 Social Networking Sites and be active on them.Next choose some more sites and increase your blog’s popularity.

5 tips to get 100 unique visitors to your blog

1)Write Good Quality Articles
Don’t copy from other blogs.But you can use their ideas and write it in your own way.Do proper keyword research before writing a post.Use your primary keyword in blog post title,meta description.Write different variations of your keyword (Use plural form of word) for better search engine rankings.
2)Submit your posts to Facebook,Google+,Twitter
Almost every internet user has a Facebook account.Make use of the Social Networking Sites like Facebook,Google+,Twitter to get traffic to your blog.Pick up two to three Social Networking Sites and increase your presence on these networks (increase friend lists,followers).Submit your blog post to these networks.
3)Participate in Forums to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

You can easily increase visitors to your blog from Forums.Just be active on the forums and give solution to other’s query.Don’t try to spam,just be genuine till you get permissions to post a link on the forum.

4)Submit your blog posts to Reddit,Digg,Pinterest,Stumbleupon,

If you blog is based on trending topics then use Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg to get visitors to your blog.Reddit and Digg can drive huge traffic to your blog.Create  New Account and be active on these bookmarking sites.There are hundred sites like Reddit,just create a account with them and share your blog’s link.If your article is a good one,Reddit alone can drive thousand’s of visits to your blog.With Pinterest, Stumbleupon and you can get more traffic than you are getting Social Networking Sites.Just Create a new account and increase your followers.Publish your blog posts and see how much traffic you are getting from these sites.

5)Follow Good SEO Practice 
Learn good on page and off page SEO and apply it your blog.You may not get instant traffic with this technique but with in 2 months you blog would get decent traffic from search engines.Traffic from search engines is quality one when compared to referral traffic.So your main goal is to increase search engine traffic.Just follow good Seo,write quality articles and check your blog’s health every month,your blog will get huge traffic from search engines.

Conclusion:To get instant traffic to your new blog,the only way is to get referral traffic.Increase your presence on all the social networking sites to market your blog.