Google’s launches Allo Smart Messaging app this week

Google has launched Google Allo, a messaging app for Android and iOS phones with Smart Reply and Google Assistant. You can download it from the Google Play store itself or Apple’s App Store, “This app will be live worldwide in the next few days. However, both Smart Reply and Google Assistant are available only in English for now, and it will be going to come up with “more languages” also.

Allo message app is the Google’s attempt to create a very “smart” messaging app, that helps you to stay touch with your contacts, but plan and find information as well. It is also supposed to “keep your conversation going on , it will be going to provide you the google assistance when you are required it” and you will be able to “say more and do more right within your chats.” In other words, Google is hoping Allo will grow into a platform, just like several messaging apps already have.

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Allo messaging app is a deeply integrated machine learning, Allo is having smart features to keep your conversations flowing more and more and help you to get your things done.

Features Of Allo Messaging App:

Smart Reply:

Smart Reply is a feature that Google first debuted for Inbox,Allo is going to offers you suggestions for what you want to reply based on the context of the conversation. Smart Reply tries to learn each time you use it, providing responses for texts and also for photos.

Smart Reply means that you will be having the entire conversations by simply tapping on the suggestions, though the resulting chats do not quite sound right. In every language, everyone speaks in a different manner, and we don’t just mean when looking at factors like age, region, or education. Every group of friendswill be having their own slang, and this is where Allo is meant to shine: It is supposed to learn not simple from which suggestions you tap, but also from what you want to type. That said, the personalization is very limited for you now as Google is still being to refining the algorithms behind the feature.

quick reply

Google Assistant:

Allo is not simple the first place that the new Google Assistant is available to the public, however this is the “first time you are able to have conversation with Google directly,” Fox pointed out. It is like chatting with Google Search and Google Now in one. You will be able to ask the questions, and it tries its hardest to help you out directly in the chat itself, whether it is regarding an address, pick a restaurant, or simple kill some time.

There are 2 ways to trigger Google Assistant. You can chat with it directly it will be your first contact when you have first launch Allo, or you will also be able to bring it into your conversation by typing @google ahead of your message.

Google Assistant
Google recommends by using Assistant to:

Making plans with friends: You can ask many things such as movie times and for any local restaurants and you will also be able to search travel destinations, flights, and also for hotels.

Getting answers: You will getting answer regarding News, weather, traffic, sports, or also for more personalized results such as your upcoming flight status are all through a message away and you can also even get updates messaged to you daily.

Having some fun: Google Assistant will be also telling you joke and also offers you a list of games to play alone or you can also able to play with your friends.

Sometimes it is brilliant and can accurately discern what you are trying to get at. Other times it is like the assistant is pressed for time and simply replies with anything remotely related, that will often results in a poor experience. To the some extent, this is to be expected. Google Assistant is still in preview.

Photos, Emojis, Stickers, and Incognito Mode:

This would be the most boring part of Allo, however messaging apps nowadays need to have a slew of non-text choices. Allo tries to stand out by letting youself to make emojis and text larger or smaller in size by just dragging the send button up or down. Furthermore, you will be able to write on your photos before you send them.
Allo messaging app will encrypts chats, but not by default. Rather than, you can also opt to chat in Incognito mode like Smart Reply was borrowed from Inbox, Incognito will also comes from Chrome. Messages sent in Incognito mode will be having end-to-end encryption, discret notifications they will not be showing up on your lockscreen, and anyone can in the chat can set how long messages will be last.



That’s it, these are the features of the Allo messaging app by google. And if you want to see the difference between WhatsApp and Google Allo Messaging app. Allo messaging app is available for you as a free download through iOS apple store or for Androids it is available in the google play store.


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