How I got Google Adsense Approval after Little Struggle


Getting Google Adsense Approval is dream for every Blogger.As is it the best paying Advertising
network which is trusted by the most.

Google Adsense Approval Tips
Few years back getting Adsense approval is very easy,but now the scenario has totally
changed.Google has updated its policies and requirements ,so it has become hard for bloggers to
get adsense approval.
Myself had struggled for almost 3 months to get adsense approval.For the last three months i
have been reading the articles on some famous blogs regarding Google Adsense Approval.I simply
followed the tips and guidelines given by them.At last after little smart work i got adsense
One thing which i want to share with you guys is “On my Sixth Attempt i got  Google
Adsense Approval“.It was my mistake which took six attempts for me to get Google Adsense Approval.
In this article i will give detailed explanation of “What mistakes i have done while applying
for Google Adsense and which you should avoid”..

How to get Google Adsense approval

1)Don’t be in a hurry to apply for Adsense
Don’t apply for adsense with a new blog.Wait for 1 month and do all the back end work.After
month give a try and see what reply you will get from Adsense team.If you get Adsense approval
its Fine(mostly probably you wont get approval) or else rectify the mistakes.Take some days
(may be 2 weeks) to apply again for Adsense.

2)Write At least 30 quality posts.
Without quality content,even don’t think to apply for adsense.Write at least 30 quality articles
before applying for adsense.Don’t copy content from other blog’s but you can copy their ideas
and write it in your way.
3)Make sure every blog post should be more than 500 words.
Every post published on your blog must be atleast 500 words.Don’t increase blog post length
just for the sake of increasing the word count.You article should add some value to the users.
4)Create Contact Us and About us Page
Most of the newbie bloggers forget to create Contact Us and About Us Page.Before applying for
adsense take care to make your blog look professional and complete.So create contact us and
about us page with good description.
5)Internal Linking between blog posts is must.
Link your blog content internally.Google has stated in their policy that internal linking is
good practice for blog success.Internally Linking even helps in increasing a blogs search
engine results.
6)Write Good Author Profile.
Good author profile will make users to trust your blog’s originality.
7)Link your blog to Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
Don’t forget to add your blog to Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

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8)Choose a Top Level Domain (TLD).
Choose a top level domain name for your blog. Adsense Approval chances are high with TLD when
compare to extension. TLD is an indication that you are serious about blogging.

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9)Remove all the Ad Networks which you have added to your blog.
If you are running ads on your blog,then remove all the other ad Networks ads from your blog.
10)Remove all the extra gadgets like before applying for adsense
Similarly remove all the widgets like who.amung us,hitstat etc which decreases page loading
speed of a blog.
11)Remove the posts with less than 200 words
As i had already mentioned your blog posts must be atleast 500 words.Remove the posts with less
than 200 words or edit them and add extra words.
12)Choose Good Looking and Seo optimized Template for your blog
After content,template plays a key role in adsense approval.So it is in your hands to choose a
template which is well optimized one.Just Google as “free blogger templates”,it will give you a
list of sites where you can find free templates for your blogger blog.If you can afford some
dollars then purchase a premium seo optimized blogger template.
If you know little bit of coding then choose basic blogger template and edit it in your own
13)For Some Countries,Domain Age must be 6 Months (negotiable)
As given by Google in their guidelines,bloggers from India and Chine should work for six months
on a domain name to get Google Adsense approval.Of course this is not same in every case,if you
write high quality lengthy articles you can expect adsense approval mush before six months.
Getting Google Adsense approval in India is not a tough task with proper plan.
14)Don’t Loose hope ,Rectify your Mistakes
Finally don’t loose hope.Keep on applying for adsense by correcting the mistakes which you have
done before.One day definitely your account will be accepted by adsense team for sure.

Implement the above mentioned tips,you will definitely get your Adsense account approved.
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