How to Add Infolinks Code to Blogger/Blogspot Blog

Infolinks is the best alternative to Google Adsense and many of us know this.Every blogger applies for Google adsense but he may get approved or not.If your blog is not approved by Google Adsense then don’t be tensed,Infolinks is best alternative to Google Adsense. You can easily get approved by Infolinks team for your blog.You can even generate awesome income through infolinks. Infolinks is text based advertising system and the best one in this category.

How to embed Infolinks generated Code to Blogger Blog

After getting approved by infolinks now you have to integrate it to your blog.You can do it manually by copying the code and paste it in head section of your template.But for Blogspot blogs you don’t need to do all these things. Infolinks provides a plugin for blogger with this you can easily integrate infolinks code to your blog.
Lets See how to integrate infolinks code on blogspot Website
Add infolinks code to blogger blog
After Login into Infolinks Account You would see the dashboard in the above format(image).Click on the integrate button Then it would ask you to choose your platform.If you are using blogger then click on the blogger button or else select your respective platform.
 Then it will ask permission to access your blogger.Accept the request and the code will automatically get added to your blog.
Hope this article helps you.If you have any doubt in integrating infolinks code on your blog,please let me know in the comment section.