How to Add Unique Custom Favicon to Blogspot Blog(Blogger)

Favicon is a tiny picture or image that appears on a browser window or tab.

Favicon makes your website unique and easily identified.Choose or create a favicon which is different from others so that visitors can easily recognize your blog.

blogger favicon


Three things which make your blog easily identifiable


b)Domain Name


So choose a Favicon to make your blog look special.Adding a Favorite icon (Favicon) really makes your blog look like professional one.(By default for blogger blogs have a favicon,if you don’t change it then your blog would be one among the thousand blog’s).

You can easily add favicon to your blogger blog and wordpress blog.Don’t know “How to Add or Change Favicon for your blog“.This article will help you in creating and adding the customized favicon to your blog.

Let’s see How to create and upload the Custom favicon image you have created to your blogger blog.

How to Create and Add unique Favicon to Blogger Blog

Adding Favicon to a blog is very easy.But choosing the unique icon is in your hands.So crosscheck other bloggers in your niche,which icon they have chosen and how can you make your icon differ from them?

Now create and customize favicon icon.Make sure that the size of the Favicon should be 16X16 and not more than 100kb.

By default favicon format is .ico.If you want to add a favicon to your blog then you have to change the image to .ico extension.

In case of blogger blog’s you need not to convert the image to .ico format.

Just upload the image to Blogspot blog and by default it would convert jpg or png format to .ico.

So adding favicon is very easy for blogspot blogs when compare to other websites.

After creating your desired favicon image now you have to add it to your blog.

How to Add custom favicon to blogger blog.

1)Login to Blogger Account and go to layout.

add favicon to blogger blog

Now click on the edit favicon option in the layout.A new popup windows would open.

Choose the favicon image which you have created and upload it.

add blogger favicon


Click on the save option.That’s it now you have successfully added favicon to your blogger blog.

favicon image may not visible as soon as you upload it to your blog.It may take sometime to get noticed.

How to Remove or Change the Favicon in Blogger Blog.

Just go to the Blogger Layout after logging in.

Click on the edit Favicon option and new popup window would open.

You will see Remove option (if you have already added a favicon image to your blog).Just click on it and save.

Now choose your own customized favicon image and add it to your blog.

If you have any queries please do let me know…Thank you for visiting