How To Check Your Iphone is Locked or Unlocked

Check the locked or unlocked status of iphone

One of the most important thing you should do before buying Iphone is to check whether Iphone is locked or not. Don’t know how to check factory locked or unlocked status of Iphone. This article helps you to check whether Iphone is locked or not for free.There are many online services  available and  I am going to give you easiest way to check it.

To check unlocked status first you need to get the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of Iphone.This IMEI number is 15 digit unique serial number given to a phone.It helps in tracking and identifying the device.

How to get IMEI number of Iphone

To know the IMEI number simply dial *#06# from your iphone.With in seconds you would get your IMEI number.

Here is another way to get IMEI number.Just go to Settings in your iphone.


With these method you can get IMEI number very easily.

Now Check the unlock status of your Iphone using this IMEI number.

There are many websites available to do this.But most of the users prefer the below sites.



Go to one of the above website 

Enter the IMEI number in the box provided to check the status of a device.You will get the details of your iphone whether it is locked or not.

Hope this article helps you…Thank you