How to Delete a Facebook Group you have Started

Want to delete yourself from a Facebook Group? 
Want to delete a Facebook group with no admin ?
Want to delete a Facebook group you have created?
Want to leave a Facebook group?
Then you are at right place.This article will help you in deleting a Facebook group you have made.

How to delete a Facebook Group you have created?

First log in to your Facebook Account.
After logging in ,on the left side of Facebook homepage you will see a label named “Groups”.
Just click on the group you want to delete.
Make sure you are the admin or creator of the group.If you are not the admin then you cannot delete the Facebook group.
If you are the creator of the group then you can remove Facebook group.
To delete a Facebook group permanently 
Don’t delete yourself from the group at first.
Delete the all the other members in your group one by one.(you cannot delete all the members in a group at once).You need to perform this operation manually.
How to delete a member from Facebook group.
Click on the “About” Tab in your Facebook Group.

facebook group

You will see all the members of your group.Now search for the member whom you want to delete.
Click on the gear box beside the Members name.You will see Remove from Group option.

Now delete yourself from the Group (if are the only person left in the Group).

Facebook will automatically delete a group with no members.
If you are the admin of the Facebook group then you can delete a facebook group easily.
You can even delete a Group if you are not the Admin of the Facebook Group.
For example: Accidentally if you have removed yourself as admin.Now your Facebook Group won’t have any admin.Any one can delete this group (but they should gain admin privileges).
You can easily gain admin privileges to a Facebook group 
Open the Facebook group.Click on the gear box at the top right.

Facebook group remove member

Now you will see a option “Make me admin”. 
Click on make me admin option.Now you can delete the Facebook group very easily.

How to Leave a Facebook Group or Remove yourself from Facebook Group.

You can easily get out of a Facebook group.

Just open the group you want to get rid of.

facebook group remove
Click on the gear box at right top and click on the Leave Group option.

You can delete the Facebook Group only if you have admin privileges.
Facebook group with no members will automatically get deleted.