How to Delete Stumbleupon Account Permanently

Don’t Know how to Remove Stumbleupon Account ?

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Stumbleupon is one of the best Social Bookmarking Site. Stumbleupon can drive huge traffic to your blog.If you use Stumbleupon in perfect way then you can expect more traffic to your blog.StumbleUpon even dominates Facebook in sending visitors to your blog.By this you can understand how Stumbleupon can change the fate of your Blog.
No one will delete Stumbleupon account by seeing the traffic they getting to their blog from it.If any one want’s to delete StumbleUpon account this tutorial will help you.

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How to Delete StumbleUpon Account Permanently

1)Log in to your StumbleUpon Account.
2)Go to Settings page and click on the Privacy Tab.
3)Under Privacy tab you will see “DELETE ACCOUNT” Option.
4)Click on “Click here to initiate account deletion”.

5)Your account will be deleted in 14 Days from the day you submit your request. Account deletion is permanent, and removes all account information including your Likes, Shares, and Inbox messages.

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In these 14 days you can use your StumbleUpon Account Normally and after completion of 14 Days your StumbleUpon Account would be deleted automatically.
If you want to activate your account again before deletion,simply click on the Cancel Request.

Hope this article helps you in Deleting StumbleUpon Account permanently