How to Disable SuperFetch in Windows 8 & 7 with Ease

Windows has many inbuilt services and utilities to enhance the performance of the system. SuperFetch is service which helps in decreasing the booting time and loads the applications in advance which are used often. SuperFetch is advanced service compared to Prefetch in Windows Xp. Superfetch service in windows 7 is better than SuperFetch in Windows Vista. Superfetch service launches the applications faster which you use regularly but some tweakers and gamers find no use of it.So for them disabling superfetch would increase the overall system performance.

Note:Just i am giving you information how to disable SuperFetch. Disabling SuperFetch may or may not increase system performance.

Steps to Disable to Superftech in Windows

1)Go to start Menu and type services.msc in search box available and press enter.

2)Now it would open Services window.Scroll down and find out “Superfetch”.

Disable SuperFetch in Windows

3)Double click on Superfetch now it would open new window.

Disable SuperFetch in Windows

4)Under General tab.Go to Start up and select Disabled from the drop down menu.

Disable SuperFetch in Windows

5)Click on apply button.

Now You have disable SuperFetch in windows 7 successfully.

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