How to Disable Text Selection in Blogger to Prevent Copying

Blogger is one of the best blogging Platform for both newbies and Advanced Bloggers.The main reason behind the Success of Blogspot is because of it’s feature and Of course it is available for free.With Some hard work and proper Seo you can easily beat you competitors in Google Search Results.
But Growing your Blogs popularity would harm your blog (Something Strange Right?).
Let me explain:
Many people are there who copies content from popular blog’s and paste it on their blog.For suppose some of your posts are doing well in Google Search.These Copy Cats would copy your content and use it on their blog.This would effect your blog’s performance.They may even get ¬†better rank for the same post they have copied from your blog.
You could not make your Blog post’s 100% safe.But you can protect blog post’s from being copied with single click.Lets see how to deactivate text selection on a web page in Blogger.

Disable Text Selection on a webpage in Blogger

Just log in to your Blogger Account and go to Blogger Dashboard.
Go to Layout and click on add Gadget.
Now Select the “Html/Javascript” Gadget.Copy the below code and paste it in the Gadget.

Disable Text Selection in Blogger

Click on the save option and Save Arrangement.
That’s it you have now disabled the text selection on your blog Successfully.

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