How to Fix Facebook Blank Homepage or White Screen Error

Facebook is the largest Social Networking Site.If you are regular Facebook User you might have faced this problem.Don’t know “how to fix Facebook Empty Screen Error”?This article would help you in Solving this problem.

Fix Facebook Blank Homepage

4 ways to Solve Facebook Empty Screen or White Screen Error.

a)Refresh Your Facebook Page.

After Logging in Facebook if you find “Empty Screen or blank screen”,just refresh your Facebook home page.Refreshing your facebook timeline page would fix this error.If this method didn’t fix the problem then go to next method.

b)Enable Secure Browsing in Facebook.

Enable Secure browsing in facebook. This would fix facebook white screen error for sure.If this didn’t solve the error then simply go to next step. 

c)Delete Cache and Cookies from your Web Browser.

Most browser errors’ would be solved by this method.Just delete cache,cookies from your browser and log in to Facebook.

d)Enable Javascript on your Browser.

Most important step to fix this bug.Check whether javascript is enabled on your browser or not.If not then enable javascript on your browser.

Try the above steps to fix facebook blank page error.

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