How to Get Blog Post Ideas to Write Unique Content

Running out of ideas? Want to get new blog post ideas.This article will help you to generate unique ideas for writing a Blog post.
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4 Easy ways to get Fresh Blog Post Ideas  

1)Use Google Search to find long tail Keywords to create a blog post

Use Google Search to get unique post ideas to generate content.With Google search you can generate hundred’s of ideas with single keyword.

Lets see how to get killer ideas for your blog.
For example:your blog niche is health and nutrition.By using the keywords Health and Nutrition keywords you can generate thousands of blog post ideas.
Just type health in Google search and tap on space bar.Now will get 10 ideas with keyword health.
create blog post ideasNote them on a paper (or notepad) and choose one from the above generated ideas.I am choosing Heath Insurance as keyword.Now type health insurance in Google search and tap on space bar.You will get 10 more ideas.
blog post ideas generator

Similarly do with keywords generated.Follow this procedure to get unlimited number of killer blog post ideas.

2)Use competitors ideas
One important and easy way to get blog post ideas is to steal from your competitors.Choose 5 to 10 blog’s of same niche as yours and read their articles.You will definitely get good blog post ideas.Write down all the blog post ideas on a paper.When you are running out of ideas do the same process to generate best ideas for creating a blog post.

3)Go to Forums to Create Ideas
This is ultimate way to generate unique blog post ideas.Techies and bloggers regularly go through these forums if they have any queries.By reading the threads based on your niche you will definitely get blog post ideas.By going through this forums you will get solutions to some problems and use them as ideas to write blog articles.

4)Go to Question and Answer Forums
Question and Answer Forums will help you in getting blog post ideas.Millions of users are using these sites to know the solution for their problem.Just go through their questions and use them as blog post ideas.Publish an article on your blog by giving solution to their blog.This would definitely increase your blog’s page views and readers.

Try the above mentioned ideas to get killer post ideas for your blog.