How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog For Free

increase traffic to a blog

Increasing blog traffic is of course the primary goal of every blogger.But increasing your website traffic cannot be done overnight. It takes months to increase blog traffic.Work hard on your blog to improve its search engine ranking,which increases the websites traffic.If you follow better SEO techniques then you can get organic traffic to your blog for free.But to gain referral traffic i.e, traffic from social networking sites,traffic other blogs,traffic from Q&A sites you need a long term plan.Today i would tell you how to increase website traffic.

Ways to Increase to Blog Traffic 

1)Use Social Networking Sites To Increase Blog Traffic.

Make use of Social networking sites to maximize your blog traffic.Social Networking sites like Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, helps you in driving traffic to your blog.As soon as you publish an article on your blog,share it on all popular Social Networking Sites.This would definitely get decent amount of blog traffic.Be consistent in sharing your articles on Social Networking sites.So that it helps users to remember your blog.To get good website traffic first you should increase user base in social networking sites.Also make use of Social Bookmarking sites like Digg,reddit etc to increase the blog traffic.If your article is fresh then you would get huge traffic to your blog for free.

2)Comment On Same niche blogs for increasing website traffic

Commenting on blogs would increase blog traffic step by step.It wont work for you overnight. You have work hard on commenting on other blogs and increase your user base.You have to make comment readers to visit your blog.But remember one thing…Comment only on same niche blogs.
If your blog belongs to technology and you post comment on Movie review blog then it is of no use.So comment on same niche blogs.

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3)Question and Answer (Q&A) Sites increases your website traffic

Q&A sites plays crucial role in getting traffic to your blog.Sites like yahoo Q&A,Quora, Stackoverflow gives your blog good traffic.But you should use these sites in prpoer way.Your answer should be good so that the user can visit your blog.

Following above tips would definitely increase referral web traffic to your blog.

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