How to Keep Old Blog Posts Alive to Generate Traffic

Suppose your blog is one year old and you have written some good articles in this period.This posts would be on last page or corner of your blog and of no use to your blog.But you can still generate traffic with these articles if you use them in a planned way.Today i will show you how to generate traffic with your old blog posts.

Tips to generate traffic from your Old Blog Posts

1)Related Posts Widget

Use Related posts gadget on your blog.Old posts related to particular label or category would be displayed below the article your are reading.This would definitely increase your blog traffic by huge margin and makes your old blog posts alive.At the same time your bounce rate would be reduced.

2)Link your blog posts (Old posts to new Posts)

Link your old blog posts to new blog posts.This would create good impact on your blog users.Linking all your blog posts would increase your blog traffic and reduce the bounce rate.This is a good SEO practice and is recommended.

3)Tweet and share your old posts on Social Networks

Share your old posts on Social Networking sites like Facebook,Google+ and Twitter.If your blog has huge followers then this technique would generate decent traffic with your old blog posts.But choose the best time to share or tweet your post.

4)Create a List of Best Posts on your Blog

You have written hundreds of posts but some of them would be best (Of course according to you).List all the best posts on your sidebar.This definitely attract’s your blog visitors and would increase your blog traffic.

With the above tips you can easily keep your blog posts alive.

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