How to Replace / Remove all images in Word Document at Once

Some time we copy information from different websites and it contains different graphic components images or pictures that we don’t wish to include in our Word document. It’s extremely difficult to remove all images or graphic components one by one from that copied information. By simple using the find and replace technique in Word we will be able to solve this problem simply. And Let us see the way how to Remove all pictures from Word document and how to remove images from a particular portion of the word document without losing any text data.

Remove all Images from Word Document:

Microsoft Word provides an option to find for graphic components in the word document. Here we are going to use this find and replace method to find for pictures in the document and replace with nothing,  by using this method we can remove all images from the word document.

→First open the Word document from that you would like to remove images

Tip: This technique can remove all the images from your Microsoft word documentation, and If you would like to remove the image from a particular portion of your document then initially choose that portion and then follow these steps.

→Press Crtl+h from the keyboard or click the Home tab which is at the left side of the Ribbon and then clicks on Replace to open the Find and Replace window.

Home Page

→Then click on “More” button to get few additional search options.


→Click in the Find what text field, after choosing Graphic from the Drop-down list as shown below.  Then Click Replace All.


You will notice that all the images are removed from a word document.

By using the find and replace option in Microsoft Word we can achieve many of difficult tasks in few seconds, move and explore some other options in it.

Replace an image:

→Click on the particular picture that you wish to replace.

→Under the Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click on the Change Picture.


Replace an image used as a slide background:

Applies only to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

→Click the slide that you simply wish to replace the background image for.

→To choose multiple slides, click the first slide, and then after press and hold CTRL while you click the other slides.

→On the Design tab, within the Background group, and click on Background Styles, and then after click on Format Background.


→Click Fill, and then click image or texture fill.

→To replace the background image with an image from a file, click File, find the picture that you simply wish to insert, and then double-click it.

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