How to Reset/Erase/Reboot Apple Watch to Factory Default Settings

At least the Apple Watch user must know how to reset Apple Watch to factory settings, because it’s an important tip of the Apple Watch. If you want to reset an Apple Watch to factory default settings, and you need to erase personal data from it, to start fresh, or lending to someone else your Apple watch. You can reset your Apple Watch to factory settings by  two ways either through Apple Watch or using the Paired Apple iPhone. you will discover the entire process is done on the Apple Watch itself. That makes it a little different from some of the other settings on the device. But don’t worry, this is not difficult.

If you want  to reset Apple iWatch by iPhone, and first you should Un-pair Apple Watch. Then do scroll your screen to looking for how to reset apple watch to factory settings. By resetting an Apple Watch, you will completely erases everything off Apple Watch, including any media, data, settings, messages, pairing to iPhones, and everything else will be erased.

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When you’re ready to start the reset, get the Apple Watch you want to erase, then do the following process:

Know how to Unpair Apple Watch and iPhone:

 Below given way through you can easily unpair your Apple Watch, Watch Sport, Watch Edition.

Step 1: Please keep your Apple iPhone and iWatch nearly

Step 2: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone

Step 3: Tap My Watch

Step 4:  Then in last tap Unpair Apple Watch. And tap again to make confirm. That’s it. Your iPhone will take a backup automatically. You can use it whenever you sync again your Apple iWatch.

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Way to Reset Apple Watch to Factory Default Setting Without iPhone:

Step 1: Open “settings” app on Apple Watch.


Step 2: Go to “General”

General tab

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on ‘Reset’.

Reset Tab

Step 4: Tap on “Erase all contents and Settings”.

That’s it. Apple Watch has completed erasing all data on the device. Booting up and asking to be paired with an Apple Watch to finish the initial setup once again. The Watch can reset to whatever the version of WatchOS is that it is installed, it does anything else with the operating system itself. It will automatically reset the Apple Watch to Factory Default Settings.

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Way to Reset Apple Watch to Factory Default Setting With iPhone:

Step 1: Launch Apple Watch app.

Step 2: Tap My Watch

Step 3: Tap on General , scroll down and tap on Reset.

Step 4: Tap on Erase All Contents and Settings and confirm tap again to confirm.

Erase All Content & Settings

Once you confirm the reset, a spinning wait indicator will appear on the screen for quite after some time, eventually followed by an Apple logo with an indicator around that.

Remember, this will additionally removes any existing pairing between an Apple Watch and an iPhone, so that setup method has to start over again, even for a collection of devices that were already synced to one another.


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