How to Use Pen Drive or Flash Drive as RAM in Windows xp

If your Computer performance is slow there may be many reasons but in most cases main reason would be RAM (Random Access Memory).Ram is short term memory which helps in increasing the performance of system.If your computer is running slowly,the solution is to increase the physical RAM size.Increasing physical RAM size is very simple and you can do it very easily.
Today i will tell you a trick “How to use Pen drive as RAM in Windows xp”.

Steps to Make Pen drive as RAM in Windows XP.

1)Connect the Pen drive to your computer and format it.

2)Right click on My computer and click properties.

3)Click on the advanced tab and click on the performance.

4)Now click on advanced tab and on Virtual Memory.

5)Now click on Change button available in Virtual memory window.

6)Now select your pen drive and click on custom size button.

7)Give your own values(Size in Mb).This size depends on your pen drive capacity.

8)Now restart your computer without removing your pen drive from computer.

Now your pen drive acts as Virtual Ram and it will increase the speed of your computer.

Note:Don’t Eject your Pen drive while in use.It would crash your System.

Hope this article helps you..thank you. 

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