How to Use Windows Live Writer with Blogger

Windows Live Writer is a desktop blog-publishing application developed by Microsoft.
Many of us still don’t know about this tool and the Service provided by it.Today i will give you brief introduction on what is “Windows Live Writer” and how to install it to Blogger Account.

Many bloggers still use blogger’s Editor to publish a post.Features provided by blogger’s editor is limited compared to Windows Live Writer”

In Blogger after uploading the image you can re size the image but you would have only five options.They are Small,Medium,Large,X-Large,Original.You have to choose one of option before publishing your post.But the size may or may not set with your blog post.If it sets its ok or else it would look awkward.This is one drawback in blogger editors.If you choose Windows live writer to publish your post you would have many predefined options and even you can customize the size of the image you uploaded.

In windows Live writer there are many features like you can count the words in your post and check spelling mistakes in the article you have written.With blogger this facility is limited.

Similarly the font size and the Style are limited in blogger.But in case of Windows live writer there is no limit even you can customize it in your own way.

One important feature in Windows live writer is you have an option to create tables but in case of Blogger Editor you cannot create a table.

So give it a try,you would love it for sure.

Now lets see how to install Windows live writer to blogger

Windows Live Writer
First you need to select the service before you attach it to your blog.Click the next button
Windows Live Writer
Now fill the above form. Web address of Blog and the Username and Pasword to login to your blogger account.In case of blogger your gmail id would be the username.Enter the Username and Password then click next.
 That’s it.Now you can publish a post using Windows Live Writer with blogger.

Here is the link to download “Windows Live Writer

Hope this post will help You.

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