How to View and Delete Google Voice Search History

You might know that Google saves all of your searches so as to focus on ads and to produce better Google new experience. That is, assuming you has got signed in to your Gmail account. What you might not know is that Google saves the full audio recordings of each one in all your voice searches and commands.

Google’s Voice Search is truly useful function that android device owners will make use to manage their Smartphone or tablet while not having to actually touch the device. However did you recognize that Google stores all of your voice searches? And it is not simply the search query that it’s storing either, as we’re near to show you ways to concentrate to the particular audio file that Voice Search records once you are acting a research, a file that eventually gets uploaded to Google servers. Google will do this so as to improve speech recognition; therefore you don’t need to say the same thing over and over.

Here are the few steps you can how to view, manage, and delete your Google Voice Search history. Once we are done with these steps, we will also help you how to turn off data collection.

How to View and Delete Google Voice Search History?

Step 1: Go to Voice & Audio Activity page, and check out all of your Google Voice searches. You will be presented with a list view containing all of your voice commands sorted by date.

The Voice and Audio Activity page shows each voice search or command you ever created, whether it from a desktop, Smartphone, or android TV device. You may be able to listen every recording, and a transcript is provided in most cases.

Step 2: To listen the audio files the Google Voice Search recorded, click  play button next to a selected query. Note that Google additionally stores commands that it failed to properly identify. That is right, data origination from all of these accidental Voice Search activation in your pocket are recorded and uploaded to Google servers.

Step 3: To delete your Google Voice Search history, click the three-dot ‘Menu’ icon within the higher left corner, then select “Delete Options”.

How to Delete Google Voice Search History

Step 4: A menu will pop up. you will be able to delete the voice searches for these days, yesterday, or a custom time frame. To delete all of your voice searches, click on the “Advanced” radio button, then select “All Time” from next menu.

Step 5: Hit the “Remove” button, and Google can delete your voice search history.

Now that you’ve got deleted your Google Voice Search history, follow these easy steps to opt of the data-collecting procedure.

Step 6: Head on to the present page. If the slider is ready to its blue state, Google is collecting your voice searches.

How to View and Delete Google Voice Search History

Step 7: To pause data collection, click the slider to right, and then click on “Pause” button. Note that pausing data collection won’t delete the files that Google previously uploaded.

There you go, currently you recognize a way to view your Google Voice Search history, listen to the audio files related to search queries, delete your voice search history, and so opt-out of data collection.

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