Ideal Blog Post Frequency to Gain High Traffic

Making a blog success requires in depth work and research on the topic which you are writing.
Besides this there are many factors that effect the ranking of a blog.We have already discussed some tips and tricks to increase a blog’s traffic.We will see more on how to create and maintain a successful blog in coming days.
Today in this article we will see One important factor which can create impact on blog’s success rate i.e, “Blog post frequency”.
What is the best blog post frequency?
How much blog post frequency we should maintain?
There are many questions hitting your mind,right? Lets get into in depth details on what is blog post frequency and how much frequency should be maintained to attain success in blogging.

best blogging frequency

What is Blog Post Frequency?
Blog post frequency is number of posts you are publishing per a day/week/month on a blog.Posting Frequency or blogging frequency depends on many factors.

What is the best blogging Frequency ?

There are no specific rules or guidelines given on blogging frequency.It is in your hands to test and choose the best post frequency which could create positive impact on your blog.
Expert bloggers have given their ideas on “what should be the ideal blog post frequency”.

1)If your are a Blogger who choose blogging as career

For those who choose blogging as career their posting frequency should be maximum.Post at least thrice a day.More number of quality posts will make Search engines to index your blog at fast rate. This would result in more Search Engine Traffic.High the posting frequency high will be your blog’s growth rate.(of course not in all the cases).

2)If you are a blogger Blogging as Hobby

For those who choose blogging as hobby can post an article weeking or monthly.But for these blogs growth will be very slow.Less the number of posts,less will be the pages indexed in Google.So ultimately your blog will low traffic from search engines.

It is your responsibilty as blogger to choose which option suits you.One more thing i want to stress is “Low quality posts with high posting frequency won’t work“.
So for the sake of maintaining high blogging frequency,don’t compromise on quality of the article.Writing 3 quality and lengthy articles per week is far better than writing 3 low quality articles per day.
“Quality content always matters for a blog’s success and it should be the bloggers primary criteria”.

Blogging frequency will be for different blog’s.If you are running a news blog or celebrity gossips blog then you should maintain high posting frequency.You have to post daily on such blog’s to attract users.Mostly the length of the blog post will be low in such blog’s.So you can easily publish 10 posts a day.Even you can hire a content writer to get the work done for you.

But if you are maintaining a technology blog or tech tips blog,then you need not post daily.
Instead you should contentrate on writing lengthy posts with rich keywords.

Blogging frequency varies depending on the blog niche.
Don’t neglect article quality to increase blogging frequency.
Test different blogging frequencies and choose the one which will increase blog’s readership.

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