Ideal Keyword placement SEO Tips For Search Engine Rankings


For Ranking a blog in search engines you have to implement good seo techniques.
Want to rank a blog post for specific keyword?
This article will help you in listing you blog post on first page of Google Serps. Following the
techniques mentioned here doesn’t guarantee ranking of a web page,as search engines takes
hundred’s of signals in judging a page value.In most cases you can easily outrank your
competitors who are competing with your bog for same set of keywords.Let’s get in to some basic
factors which effects the search rankings.

Best Seo Techniques to dominate your competitors.

1)Onpage optimization
a)Write great content and blog post length must be no less than 500 words.It is even better if
the length of the blog post exceeds 1000 words. Seo experts with their research have confirmed
that most of the blog post which are ranking on first page of Google are of length more than
1500 words.
b)Choose a good seo optimized theme or template for your blog.
c)Internal Linking with long tail anchor text can produce good results.
d)Best Keyword Placement Seo Tips.
Place the keywords which you are targeting
2)Offpage optimization.
a)Offpage optimization includes creating backlinks to a blog.Concentrate on creating quality
b)Don’t over do anchor text optimization,as it can make your blog disappear from search
Doing all the things mentioned above in precise way can produce fruitful results.

In this article we will discuss Keyword Placement Seo Tips for better search engine ranking.

Place the specified keywords or keywords which you have noted down in right place for better
Seo. With out placing keywords in right place you cannot expect the blog post to do well in
search engines like Google.

You may write a good article with rich content but without proper keyword placement your
article is of no use.One thing which you have to note here is “Content is for users and keyword
placement is for search Engines“.So for better seo results you should mix both the ingredients
thoroughly.I hope now you have little bit idea on how important is placing keywords in
appropriate places.

ideal keyword placement seo tips

Best Keyword placement Methods for Better Seo.

1)Use Primary Keyword in Title of the post.

Apart from the content,placing the keyword in blog title is most important step to rank well
for a targeted keyword.With out placing the targeted keyword in blog title you cannot rank
Google serps.

2)Make use of Heading tags with primary keyword.

After Blog Title “Heading Tags” play crucial role in ranking a blog.So optimize the heading
tags with primary keywords.

3)Use Primary keyword in your blog post as Bold or Italicized.

Include primary keyword in blog post for every 5 lines.Don’t forget to underline or bold or
italicized the keywords mentioned in blog post.You are doing this just to inform search engines
to give more importance to these words than normal words in the blog post.

4)Length of the article and keyword density effects blog performance.

Blog article should be at least 500 words and don’t forget to place primary keyword 3 times for
every 100 words.Don’t just include the keywords just for the sake of including after every 100
words.It should look natural for both search engines and normal blog visitors.

5)Blog post permalink should contain the primary keyword.

By default permalink will choose the words in blog title excluding the stop words.If your are
using blogger platform then it is your responsible to add primary keywords in blog post
permalink.As search engines give more weightage to words in the blog post URL.

6)Use primary Keyword in the first and last sentence of your post.

First paragraph and last paragraph of a blog post has more weightage in Search Engines
perspective.So add the primary keywords in natural way to boost search engine rankings.

7)USe keywords in Meta description in definite way.

Using Meta descriptions may or may not have importance in search results.But you can definitely
increase Click through rate if you use meta description in definite manner.

8)Add Alt and Meta tags for images in blog post.

Use targeted keywords as alt and meta tags for images on blog post.This would be added
advantage in terms of seo. One more thing which helps you is you can drive decent amount of
traffic from image search engines.

Hope the above mentioned keyword placement seo tips helps you driving good amount of search
engines visitors to your blog.If you find this article interesting do share it with your
Best Keyword Placement Method for websites