Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog Below One Lakh in One Month

Increase Alexa rank

Alexa is a “Web Information Company”.After Google page rank “Alexa Rank” is given high importance.Many Webmasters and advertisers takes this Alexa rank as benchmark to rank your blog.

How Alexa Rank is Calculated?

Alexa Rank is calculated based on many factors.(In fact unfair method).It won’t calculate total number of visitors instead uses “Records which hits its system”.
For example:You a blog visitor and you have installed Alexa tool bar on your browser.Your visit to a blog is counted by alexa to rank a blog.So ask your friends and blog visitors to install alexa tool bar on their browsers.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank Of a BlogĀ 

1)Publish your posts regularly.
Publish your blog posts regularly this would decrease your Alexa rank tremendously.Publish your posts daily without missing a single day,within one month your Alexa rank would be nearer to 1 Lakh.
2)Install Alexa Tool bar on your browser and Add Alexa widget on your blog
One important point to remember is “Install Alexa tool bar” on your browser and Add Alexa rank widget to your blog.This would decrease your Alexa rank very fast. Infact it is the best trick to increase your blog ranking.
Note:Ask your friends and regular visitors to install Alexa tool bar on their browser.
3)Build Backlinks and Comment on Same Niche Blogs.
More the backlinks more would be your blog rank.Comment on same niche blogs which gives you decent traffic.This would increase your blog ranking.
A good techie would definitely install alexa tool bar on his browser to increase his Blog’s Alexa Rank.So comment on such blogs and increase your blog traffic.More the traffic from such blogs more would be chance to decrease alexa rank.
4)Write a review about Alexa and link it to
Write a review about Alexa and link it to their website.This is a good trick to increase Alexa rank.
5)Ask your friends to write a review on Alexa about your blog.
Ask your friends and blog visitors to write a review about your blog on Alexa. Alexa takes this as good signal and gives your blog high importance.This would result in increase of Alexa Rank.

Follow this tips..Your Blogs Alexa Rank would be in good position in less time…Thank you