How to Increase Google Chrome Speed and Performance

Google Chrome is the best browser as its speed and performance is ahead of other browsers.If
you observe keenly at the time of installation Google chrome’s performance is high and with
days passing its performance reduces.
With time the speed and Performance of Google Browser decreases.It is due the unnecessary
extensions,browser cookies in the browser.You can boost up Google Chrome performance by
deleting all such useless things.Let’s see how to remove unwanted extensions,history to reduce
the burden on Browser.

increase chrome speed

How to Boost Google Chrome Performance and Browsing Speed

1)Delete Browser History and Cache
Erasing history and Cache in Chrome Browser would definitely boost browsers performance.
Open Google Chrome Browser and press Ctrl+H.Now click on Clear browsing data option.A new pop
window would open.Check the options which you want to erase.
2)Delete Temporary Internet Files to boost Chrome’s Performance
To boost chrome’s performance,delete temporaray internet files regularly.Deleting temporary
internet files would increase the performance.Go to Run in windows (Press Win + R) type %temp%
and press enter.Now delete all the temporary internet files.
3)Remove unnecessary Extensions to speed up Google Chrome
Don’t increase load on Google Chrome Browser by adding more extensions.Increasing the load on
Browser would show negative impact on browsers performance.Remove or uninstall all the
unnecessary Addons in Google chrome.It would boost your browser performance by a lot.
4)Enable “Predict network actions to improve page load performance”.
Enabling Predict network actions to improve page load performance increases your browser speed.
Let’s see how to enable redict network actions to improve page load performance.
Open Google Chrome and Click on The Grid Icon at the right top of Google Chrome.Click on the
Seetings in the drop down Menu.Scroll down to find Privacy option.
Under Privacy you will see “predict network actions to improve page load performance”.
Just Enable it to improve your Browsers browsing Speed.

5)Google Chrome should be up to date
If you are using old version of Google Chrome,then you should update Chrome to latest version
immediately.Using the old version not only decreases Chrome’s peformance but also decreases
Security.So update Google Chrome to increase its performance.

Hope this article helps you in increasing your browsers performance and browsing speed.

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