How to Increase Pinterest Followers

What is Pinterest ?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing Social networking site. It provides you a
platfrom to advertise and market your product for free.With Pinterest you can promote a website or product effectively. It has huge user base. and you can easily gain popularity to your blog or product.Driving traffic/visitors to your blog is easy with Pinterest.
Just follow some guidelines given by it to prevent Spam.
Best way to attract users to your Blog or Product with Pinterest is “Increase Pinterest
Followers”. Pinterest is giving you an opportunity to publicize your blog for free.
Pinterest is different when compared to Facebook,twitter,Google Plus.If you use it in
right way you can drive huge traffic to your blog.(even more than Facebook).
Recently review says that “Among the top 100 brands in world,69 of them are having Pinterest Accounts”.By this you can guess how it helps you in promoting a product.

Increase Pinterest Followers

Why do you want more Pinterest Followers?

Every Pinterest User’s main goal is increase followers.This is because more the Pinterest
Followers more would be repins,likes,clicks and more would be the exposure.
This would maximize your blog or Products popularity, in turn would drive traffic to your blog and increase sales of your product.

10 Effective ways to increase Pinterest Followers

How to get people to follow you on pinterest

1)Create an Account with Pinterest
If you already have a account with Pinterest its Ok or else create a new account.It is very
simple to start a account with Pinterest.

2)Make use of Pinterest Search

Pinterest search
Recently Pinterest has changed its design and added some advance features. Pinterest Search is one such feature which works similar to Google Search,but with in the pinterest domain.You can search for pins or niche your are interested.
For suppose I am searching for keyword “blogging”.Just type “blogging” in the search box and press enter.You will get list of pins,boards and pinners related to blogging.
Repin the pins which you feel attractive,follow the boards which is related to your topic,and
follow the pinners who are very much active on pinterest.

3)Follow  Users whom you want to Target
As explained above,follow the targetted pinterest users.
What do you mean by targeted Users?
A pinterest user in the same niche as yours.
User with more number of followers.
For example A pinterest User with 100000 followers had pinned your content.Then you can get huge traffic to your blog.So expose yourself to maximum so that they can follow you.
Best way is to repin their pins and follow them.
You can follow me on Pinterest. This is my Pinterest profile.

4)Share the content a lot (Pins)
Share interesting content.As pinterest is a image based Social networking site,your pin should be visually attractive.Share other’s pins (repins) and increase your exposure.
More the exposure more would be your chance to get followers on Pinterest.
Your pins should be useful to others,so that they can pin your content.Don’t share the content from your website alone.You profile should not look like spam,so be genuine.Share quality contents from other websites and in between share your content.
Repinning a pin on Pinterest is ok,but pinning original content (from internet) would increase your popularity.Write hashtags and description for your pins to get good result from Pinterest Search.

5)Follow Other Pinterest Followers who pins your content
See the pinterest notification regularly and follow the users who pinned your content.
A user pinned your content means “he likes your content”.You should attract such users to
follow you.You can achieve it by following them.So follow pinterest users who repins your pins.

6)Connect your Social Networks to your Pinterest Account.
Connect your Social websites like Facebook,Twitter to Pinterest. So that you can invites your
friends from other networks to Pinterest. This would boost your Pinterest profiles popularity.

7)Comment on most popular and viral Pins
Posting a comment on a pin is Similar to commenting on a blog post.This would increase your exposure and would definitely attract the users to view your profile.If they find your profile interesting then they would follow you.This is one of the best strategy to increase Pinterest followers.

8)Board Formula on Pinterest
While creating a board on Pinterest you should concentrate on naming it.As pinterest boards
would appear in Google,if you name the board with proper keyword and description,then there is more chance of getting visitors from Search Engine.Description in the Pinterest board’s will help you in Seo perspective.Organize your pins by creating boards.Follow the principle “One Board One niche”.

9)Make Others to Pin your content
It is in your hands to make other pinners to pin your content.You have share
useful,beautiful,visually attractive pins to get repins.

10)Non Legitimate Ways to increase Pinterest Followers.
There are many Fake or illegal methods to increase pinterest followers.
You can increase pinterest followers with sites like addmefast. Even you can buy pinterest
followers for some bucks.These methods would increase your followers but it won’t help you in driving traffic to your blog.Getting followers on Pinterest is not hard as there are many ways (both legal and illegal ways).In my opinion getting followers manually is the best one.Boost your Presence on Pinterest to increase followers.

Uses of Increasing Pinterest Followers

a)More the followers more would be your popularity.
b)If you are a blog owner,you can gain tremendous traffic to your blog.
c)If you are marketing a product,then no other place is better than this.
d)If you have started new blog,just share the content.You can drive decent visitors from Day
one of your blog.
So creating a Effective Pinterest Profile will help you in many ways.Hope this article helps you.If you know any other way to increase pinterest followers,do let me know.

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